Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pet Care in Gurgaon - Happy Pettings

So, we have two dogs - a goofy, almost 11 year old lab appropriately called Baggdu and a young delicate little girl called Bella. Baggdu has been with us since he was a pup and is well-traveled. He's cool with cars and planes and trains and I'm sure would take a sea voyage pretty well, if needed, too. Bella on the other hand is capable of puking within seconds of being put in a car. Last year, we took her along on a long road trip through Himachal. We didn't know about the puking then - she had been with us only a couple of months. We found out about the puking about 8 times between home and the AIIMS flyover. Needless to say, the Himachal trip was quite memorable for Bella and me - the only member of this family who can efficiently clean puke without "adding" to the problem, if you get my drift.

Anyway, with Baggdu getting too old to enjoy traveling and Bella being a fountain of puke (I sincerely hope, for your sake, that you're not reading this over breakfast), we realized we needed a daycare or boarding for the dogs. It was a lucky, lucky coincidence that I ended up reading about Happy Pettings on Facebook just when we needed to go out of town for a couple of days. The kennel is run by Vipul and his wife, Dhanshree - a really sweet, young couple who are in love with dogs. They have three of their own and you can see how pampered and loved they are when you visit. They host dogs in their home and not in a separate location, which is great for making the little guests comfortable.

Vipul is very thorough and professional - he makes sure to take all possible information about the dogs (eating habits, temperament, exercise requirements, walking schedule, etc.) and then does his best to make the change as acceptable for the dogs as possible. He is super friendly with the dogs and you can tell he's in this because he truly loves them and wants to hang out with them. He was even able to build a great bond with Bella, who tends to be picky about her friendships. We knew what the dogs were up to because Vipul would thoughtfully send us pictures and funny updates about the dogs every once in a while. And when we went to pick them up, they were happy, well-fed, and super-clean, which made the guilt of having left them go away entirely.

All in all, I'd highly recommend you check out Happy Pettings the next time you're headed out of town and can't take your pets along. You'll miss the babies, of course, but you'll be comfortable knowing they're extremely well taken care of. 

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Raju Shokeen said...

This is hard work & determination of Vipul that today he is heading such a wonderful home for our loved ones.
Good job my bro & best of luck.....