Friday, January 1, 2016

Guest Post: Spa in Gurgaon - Anammyaa Wellness

Hello, fellow Gurgaon-vaasis and wish you a very happy 2016! Starting off this year with a post, and with a resolution that this is the Year of Writing for me. Erm...well, my writing will start from the next post onwards, because this one is a guest post. My sister has written it though, and we're really close, so it's almost the same thing! She, like the rest of us, has a life full of hectic days, and when those muscles are sore and knotted, relies on the occasional spa day to bounce back. Her favorite tried and tested place is Anammyaa Wellness, which is located inside Global Foyer on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. I asked her to write me a post, and here it is!

Despite all the services and luxuries available in Gurgaon, my desperate search for a non NCR type of massage haven was always redundant. I checked out plenty, mostly places that came with references, but always found myself critical. It just wasn’t physical comfort that was falling short but the fact I wanted to fall asleep on the massage table without being conscious of being in a compromised position! (Awkward as hell, but there, I said it!)

Yet on days my body felt as jet lagged as I may have been across the Atlantic twice, I pined for creature comfort of so called knots being eased and experiencing pain relief.
 Three years ago, rushing to get to the tailor at the DT Mega Mall, I was swift to turn around to look for where the overwhelming herb smells wafted in, at a place as commercial as a mall. So I stood and looked at ‘Ayush’, and found myself being compelled to walk in.

It is three years now, first at Ayush at DT Mega Mall and then later at Annammya, (they are the same), I have managed to not just fall asleep but wake up an hour later to feeling renewed. I am not sure if I am just recommending  this therapy centre or am I even persuading those looking for a very real Kerala experience, authentic oils, even more authentic herb infused oils, courteous, even more well mannered staff, to give yourselves a chance to feel recuperated.

I am particularly impressed by their age old therapies delivered to near perfection. Whether I do not have a bench mark and that takes away from my conviction or not, Anammyaa is worth a healing experience. Their hygiene is top notch, the ambience is clearly calming if not spiritual, the scent of agarbatti, mingled with fresh marigold and a beautifully lit diya, all add to the compelling experience.

Perhaps the take away would be complete, if the efficiency and organization around schedules could be improved upon. It is almost inadvertently they sometimes lack in their ability to keep a tight control over appointments, perhaps also because their expert staff has to be shared between their two outlets. I have had a couple fall outs over the timings but that could not hinder me from going back to that warm and healing respite. I have great regard for the staff that I have dealt with - they are courteous and extremely capable, and you know they take their work seriously.

Is Anammyaa expensive? Yes. Are they unaffordable? No. If one compares with others they don’t seem all that terribly priced. I go back each year, and buy packages that are flexible. This is one time I have no guilt spending on myself!

Oh! Just throwing it in, before or after a super long travel, a couple of visits here is as good as a vacation followed by a vacation!

Sounds like it's a sure thumbs up for Anammyaa and Ayush. I haven't been there myself, but my husband has, and he totally agrees. As soon as I work hard enough to deserve a spa day for myself, I guess I know where to go. Thank you for the post, Upasna:-)

Do leave a comment here with your recommendations for a good spa too. 

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