Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cleaning Service in Gurgaon: Kleenr

So, let's say it's your wedding anniversary (any except your first, for purposes of this illustration). What sort of surprise from your significant other would you like to walk home to?

A. A bottle of wine and a big bouquet of flowers on your bed side table. 
B. A generous gift voucher from your favorite store wrapped up in a sentimental, hand-written note.
C. A sparkling clean house where every surface is shining, everything is neatly in its place, and you have had no part to play in the process of it. 

Be honest now, it's C, isn't it? 

Of course it is! Not that I wouldn't love the wine and flowers, or some extra shopping money and note, but the clean house...Ah! The clean house would mean the guy has really been listening and understands the key to contentment lies in the simple stuff. And really, if you're past your first anniversary, hopefully you've had enough bottles of wine together, you probably don't need to buy new stuff, and the sentimental note is nice, but actions speak louder than notes. 

Anyway, if you plan to surprise your spouse with the romantic gesture described above, or if you just really need your house cleaned, you will be happy to know that you have options in Gurgaon. One of the best ones is Kleenr. I had them over to clean my bathrooms and kitchen recently. I was super embarrassed at the amount of time they spent in my house, because surely, that meant the situation was pretty bad. Either that, or they're really thorough folks, which I think is what it is. 

Anyway, it doesn't matter now because all I care about is that my kitchen is gleaming. They cleaned everything. You know those places...all those difficult to reach spots that you always look at disapprovingly and make mental notes to remind your maid to clean better, and then you do, and then she makes a mental note to clean better, but then discards that mental note immediately, and then you're vaguely dissatisfied but need to get to your office or meet that writing deadline and it basically never gets cleaned - those places - the inside of your microwave, the little flat surface on top of the chimney, the side of the oven, the ring of the gas stove, the back of the RO, the little holes in the wire-mesh of the door. These guys actually took a little brush and cleaned out grime from the wire-mesh of my kitchen door! I was so thrilled. (After many years of marriage, I'm not ashamed to say that this would be a pretty good anniversary present!)

The best thing about a good cleaning agency is, of course, that all you need to do is call them, wait around reading a book while they work their magic, and then pay them. It's was really that simple with the Kleenr guys - they were very polite and knew their stuff well. They came equipped with everything they needed and they cleared up and put back the stuff from the bathrooms and kitchen themselves (though I did help a little there, but only because I wanted to move some stuff around). 

Definitely check them out - here are the links to their website and Facebook page. Their rates are up there, and so are their numbers. I'd love to hear your experience, and also your (honest) response to my little survey above!

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