Friday, March 20, 2015

Eating "in" in Gurgaon: Cook Gourmet

It's so exciting to see the number of interesting eating out and eating in options in Gurgaon these days. Whatever else I think of Gurgaon (in a nutshell, it's love-hate leaning towards hate for the most part), it is pretty cool to see the entrepreneurial spirit of people who live here.

I had written a while ago about a service that delivers fresh, washed and chopped ingredients along with a yummy recipe so you can cook exotic meals at home but in a really, really easy and convenient way. Well, it turns out there's another company along the same lines - it's called Cook Gourmet. They were nice enough to let me try their service and food. I ordered from their website - (it's not .com and it's not .in - it's .co which is unusual but alright I guess). The menu options change weekly and are really quite good. To be honest, I've only tried one thing (the Marrakesh Vegetable Curry with French Baguettes). I loved it so much, that I simply had to order it again, thereby missing out on some of the other really nice sounding things on their menu. No harm done, I guess...I do feel hungry every day!

The ingredients and recipe arrive in a really nice and tidy box. All the ingredients are vacuum packed and there's even an ice pack to keep everything fresh, which will be a useful feature in the coming months. The best part is that everything is measured as per the recipe, so all you have to do is toss stuff in as per their easy instructions and then wait for people to appreciate "your" cooking.

They put thought into the packaging, you can tell. For example, my recipe asked for oil in two stages - one to saute vegetables, and the other to cook the spices for the curry. They actually packed and labeled the oils separately. So you really cannot go wrong, even if you've never cooked in your life.

If you're not in the mood to order out and find that you have nothing in your fridge but a couple of suspiciously soft tomatoes and a lemon that has definitely seen better days (don't tell me that has never happened to you - be honest now!) this is definitely your answer. This, or Maggi, which is not always a bad thing, unless you have happened to have seen that video about how long it takes to digest a packet of Maggi that's been doing the rounds on WhatsApp. (For the record, I know that video exists, but I refuse to watch it. I prefer my blinders and my Maggi, thank you.)

Back to Cook Gourmet. The only thing I feel bad about when ordering from them is that I become the cause of a lot of usage of plastic bags and bottles. I wish there was a way around that, and I know this problem exists whenever you order food in - cooked or uncooked. The only other thing to watch out for is the way they've listed their pricing - what you see on the website is the price per portion. Most of the times, you need to order at least two portions. So, the prices look lower than they really are. But then again, we live in Gurgaon - the only prices that shock us now are the low ones!

I hope you enjoy Cook Gourmet as I did and I hope to dig out more such good ideas that make Gurgaon feel a little bit better than it is.

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