Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home cooked food without all the effort: eating at home in Gurgaon!

For the most part, I like cooking and I like to think I'm fairly decent at it. More than the act of cooking, what I enjoy is the feeling that I'm giving my family food that is fresh and nutritious and prepared for them with love. That's the main reason I cook myself - even when I'm mad at the monkeys in my house, I still love them, and it shows in my cooking!

What I don't enjoy is the following: thinking of menus, realizing I can't cook what I thought of because I don't have all the ingredients, chopping vegetables (especially leafy stuff - show me a person who likes chopping and cleaning leafy stuff, will you?), and cleaning up and sorting out the mess after the food is done. This is the really thankless part of cooking. It takes forever and is largely unnoticed. No one has ever come up to me after a good meal and complimented me on the beauty of my finely chopped garlic. 

That's why I was delighted when I found out about a really great new concept implemented by ForMyBelly. They let you choose stuff from their menu, and then deliver the recipe, along with all the ingredients in the right amount, chopped and washed and ready to use. It's the answer to my prayers. (Okay - I hadn't actually prayed for this exact thing, but that's only because I never thought of it.) 

A couple of days ago, we tried their Vietnamese Soup with Rice Noodles. It was such a delightful experience. I got a little bag with a nicely written and printed recipe....

...and all the ingredients nicely measured out, washed, chopped, and labeled. Stuff like ginger and garlic and galangal and coriander was chopped so finely - I wanted to sing with joy. They even sent me the right amount of soy sauce in a little bottle!

The recipe was super easy to follow. It took me 20 minutes, as promised. I didn't need to worry about a thing - read and toss into the pan. That was it. Here's the final product. See how close it is to the picture on the recipe? I was quite proud - would have been embarrassing to stuff up something this simple!

And that was that. The soup was very tasty and the portions were just right too. I think this is a great option for when you don't want to cook the same old stuff at home, but you don't want to eat out or order in either. It also seems like a good option for times when you know you'll be home late and won't have much time to cook, so you need to take the hassle out of the whole thing. 

The menu is not too wide at this point (I'm restricted to the vegetarian menu) and I'd sure like to see it grow, but everything seems very tempting and I look forward to trying more stuff. 

ForMyBelly has been nice enough to offer readers of Living in Gurgaon a 20% discount on their first orders. Just use the coupon code D20NP1. Here's a link to their website and Facebook page. They deliver in Gurgaon till about 10:30 at night.

As always, I would love to hear your comments and feedback if you end up trying any of the stuff on their menu. 

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