Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Farzi Cafe: Eating Out in Gurgaon

We are typically very boring "eater outers." We tend to form favorites pretty quickly and then just stick to the places that we like because they end up being practical choices with the kids. At familiar restaurants, we know they'll have crayons and coloring sheets and at least one favorite thing on the menu for the kids, and hey, if that means a peaceful but boring, repetitive meal - you take what you can get, right?

But every once in a while, the adventurous young woman peeps out from behind the mummy that is me and I'm motivated to dress up and head into town ready for new experiences, or, at the very least, a new restaurant. That's what happened this weekend, when we decided to try out Farzi Cafe at Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. I'd been meaning to go there for a while, but we always seemed to end up at places with crayons and coloring sheets instead. The stars aligned such that both the kids were busy with their own social commitments leaving us with 3 leisurely hours at lunch time. This really never happens - it totally falls in the category of small (no, big) miracles. So, we were determined to make the best of it and Farzi turned out to be a really, really good choice.

The entire experience with Farzi was so pleasantly different from most restaurants where you know what type of cuisine you're headed for and then you get just that. Their entire menu is a modern, twisted (in a good way) take on some regular Indian favorites. The food is whacky and fun in its presentation and very innovative in its use of flavor. You can tell the chefs are really smart - the whole thing just works! I loved pretty much everything I tried. They have very good mocktails (try one called "Farzi OK") and a really good selection of cocktails and the regular alcoholic drinks.

The starters were, as always, the best part. I personally don't understand why main courses exist when you have alcohol, starters, and dessert. What is the point of a main course except to make you feel bad that you ate so many starters and regret that you won't have room for dessert? My favorite starter was something called "dal chawal arancini". I have no idea how the chefs managed this - you eat what looks like a yummy ball of something dipped in batter and fried, but it really tastes like dal, chawal, papad, and achaar all at the same time. It's really, really good and totally takes away the need for a main course consisting of all that stuff. My husband tried some of their non-vegetarian things and was equally satisfied.

The deserts were really cute twists on regular stuff too. Try their Parle G cheese cake if you're not too hung up on what cheese cake "should" be like and their Baileys balls if you feel a little extra alcohol couldn't possibly hurt.

All in all, I can't wait to go back and try more things on the Farzi menu. It's on the expensive side, but not terribly so and definitely worth it for the experience, the food, and the great staff. Check on credit card promotions when you pay. In fact, if you have an American Express credit card, you can redeem your member reward points against the bill, which is very convenient.

The one important thing to know is that they don't allow kids in the evenings. That's when they have live music 2-3 times a week and I guess the environment isn't really suited to small kids anyway. However, I wish this information was written in big bold letters somewhere. One of the staff did later tell me it's on their Facebook page, but it's hidden in their long description, so it's easy to miss. This was a pity since it led to a failed attempt at eating there a couple of days earlier, when we showed up with the kids. Luckily, Cyber Hub has a lot of eating options, so no lasting harm was done.

I would love to hear what you thought of Farzi, and if you have any other recommendations for the next time I'm feeling adventurous enough to move away from Chili's or (shudder) McDonald's!


Aditi Dutta said...

Nice post. Will try this place. Kitchens of Asia, Canton spice and soda bottle are also nice. All at cyberhub

Sumit Nanda said...

Nice post Thanks for share with us.