Friday, March 21, 2014

Sorting Out Sid - Yashodharal Lal

Do you remember my embarrassing beer story, narrated just to score a free beer at Yashodhara Lal's pre-book launch for her new book, Sorting Out Sid? Sadly, I had to miss the happy event (and alas, the beer too) but I did end up reading the book! I don't normally review books on this blog, because the focus has always been "living" in "Gurgaon". I realize though that books are critical to living (they're right up there with air, water, and wifi) and of course, Yashodhara lives in Gurgaon! 

I've been reading her blog for a long time and what keeps me going back to it is her amazing ability to create funny, insightful, witty, sweet, touching stories out of the most regular, everyday, even mundane incidents of daily life. She gets the humor in life and she has all the right words to make us get it too. She managed to translate that style into her first book with great style and ease and she has done it again with Sorting Out Sid. 

The story itself is very simple: it centers around Sid - the goofy but successful and charming fellow that almost all of us know. Sid is in a marriage that's falling apart, has a successful professional life that doesn't quite make him happy, and has a bunch of friends but still is often lonely. He meets a very interesting woman who happens to be a single mother and they develop a really sweet relationship. 

Set in a familiar cosmopolitan, young, nuclear environment, the book feels like its written about people one knows personally. And because it's also written in a casual, Hinglish style, it sometimes really feels like a friend is sharing funny anecdotes about a common friend over coffee!

The only downside was its length - the story could have been told in fewer pages which would have made it crisper and added to the punch of the book. 

No real complaints though, because I enjoyed reading the book and laughed often through it. Who doesn't like that?! :-) 

Do let me know if you end up reading the book. Also, while we're on the topic, what books do you recommend? 

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Radhika Mehta said...

Hello there,

This is a relief for me to find a blog about living in gurgaon. I have some questions about city as i found that there are so many accidents, crime rate is high. My husband is going to get a job in gurgaon and I am a student, is it safe to live alone at house? I am afraid to move from my current city. Please suggest something.