Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mamagoto: Fun Asian Cuisine in Gurgaon

After another long disappearing act, I'm back again...this blog can't leave me and I can't leave this blog. I wonder if it's the same for Gurgaon - it won't leave me and I won't leave it. God, I hope not. I can't say I love this city and I can't honestly say I hate it either, but it would be nice to be able to get out of here eventually, in life.

I have to say the place is becoming more interesting in many ways though. (The roads, for example, they're so much more interesting and interactive when you have to bump and swerve your way along rather than the boring old 4th gear all the way through - that's so, like, uncool and like, elitist.)

No really. I love the roads, but today I'm writing about the eating out options that seem to be exploding in numbers around here. Most recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to have lunch with a very interesting group of people at Mamagoto's new Gurgaon outlet in Sector 29 (near the Bikanerwala, near Crowne Plaza). It was a bloggers' lunch organized by Yashodhara Lal and Harper Collins to promote her lovely book, Just Married, Please Excuse. She ran a writing/blogging contest and the prize was lunch at Mamagoto. Never one to turn down a good lunch, I wrote with great excitement and arrived for the lunch with a spring in my step. I had a really good time - thanks to the organizers, the group of bloggers who provided some great conversation, and also very much to Mamagoto  - our wonderful hosts for the lunch.

Mamagoto already has a couple of outlets in Delhi, so you may be familiar with their food. They serve excellent Asian cuisine - they have a really different, varied menu right from their drinks and mocktails to their soups and salads and of course, the Mamagoto special main dishes. We got a chance to meet the lady who has devised the menu and is responsible for all the dishes they serve and it was nice to see her passion and her knowledge of this totally reflects in the quality and taste of the food.

I tried the snow peas and green beans salad, the grilled asparagus with sweet soy sauce, some stir fried veggies with burnt garlic, and the vegetarian khao suey - I highly recommend each and every one of these dishes. I don't know first hand what the non vegetarian food is like, but it was a large group of people and all I heard was compliments for the chef. The dessert was very nice too - don't forget to get a taste of their coconut ice cream when you go.

Apart from the food, what I also loved was the ambience - it's very bright, happy, and quirky and totally lives up the "fun" image they're going for. Its a far cry from the typical, dingy, old Chinese places that you and I have, no doubt, had our fair share of.

A meal for two will probably cost you in the range of Rs. 2000+ - not cheap, I guess, but they do provide value for money.

All in all, I liked the place a lot and ended up going back there today with my sister because she's a total soup and greens type of girl and I knew she'd love it. She did.

Give it a shot and let me know whether you liked it. Here's their website and here's their Facebook page.

P.S: In case the typical North Indian in you is wondering - no, they don't serve hakka noodles and manchurian with gravy. If I had to complain about something, maybe that would be it!


Shruti said...

Manika - Just out of curiosity, where do you leave your 2 kids when you go out for lunch? I am just so home-bound because of them.

Living in Gurgaon said...

Hey Shruti, I know what you mean! Mostly, if I'm trying to plan an outing with friends, I try to do it when my husband is home to watch the kids. Other options are my full time maid, who is very good, but I don't like to use that option unless there's no choice. I also have friends and neighbors who have kids of a similar age group and there's always a give and take going on with them - sometimes, their kids come over when they're out and sometimes ours go over to play there.

With so many of us living in Gurgaon without parents and in laws, we're forced to find other means of support for kids.

Finally, though it's not the same as going out without kids and you can't really take kids everywhere, I do get out with them when I have no child care...sometimes that goes well and they behave and sometimes it's all downhill:-)

Harpreet Bagga said...

i agree with is so difficult with my 3 yr old daughter...she just gets bored in a mall or restaurant in 20-30 minutes...
i guess you need to write a blog on full time maids as well...they are also a hot hot topic in the way help me with a maid if u