Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cafe Bel Cibo, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Updated on 5th Oct 2012: Cafe Bel Cibo is now Flip Bistro. The ambiance remains pretty much the same, but the menu is the same as other Flip Bistros. I've been there once and really liked the food. A more detailed review will follow. 

You know how you’re at a fine dining, fancy pants restaurant sometimes and there’s a couple with two kids at the next table trying to enjoy their so called fine dining experience? And you’re wondering why that poor, frazzled couple even bothered to try coming to dinner with the kids? How could they possibly be enjoying the cuisine or the ambience when they’re spending so much time keeping the kids from breaking the crockery, poking each other in the eyes with the cutlery, and climbing on the nicely upholstered chairs? Why waste all this time and money? Why not just go to MacDonald’s instead?
 While you’re on the right track thinking this way and those questions are certainly worth asking, do consider the frazzled parents’ situation. They’re tired from all the parenting and really deserve a good meal. But to get to a point where their fine dining experience is actually fine, they need to train their kids to behave somewhat well in a restaurant situation. This training takes time, money, and patience – all the things your parents probably bestowed on you to get you to a point where you can sit instead of stand on an upholstered chair and use cutlery to eat instead of stab a sibling. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

Every once in a while though, someone has a brainwave and creates a restaurant situation that caters to parents’ need for a relaxing and hearty meal and their kids’ need to run around and do fun stuff. Café Bel Cibo on Sohna Road is an example of this thoughtfulness...no doubt the founders have suffered some upholstery climbing toddlers of their own! Located on the ground floor of the Ninex City Mart (opposite Vipul Greens), this place is great if you want to go out for a meal where you can have some good food over good conversation while your kids are happily occupied and out of trouble.

Done up in bright and cheerful colors, the highlight of the restaurant is that they have a little kids corner set up with toys, books, a blackboard and sometimes even art and craft activities. It’s simply done – but it’s enough to keep them fascinated and busy for a while. On Sundays they also arrange special activities for kids such as cookie and cupcake decoration, sand art, and so on.

They serve mainly Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and I’ve always enjoyed the food there. They have a very wide menu for adults (the Mezze platter is my favorite) and a well thought out and correctly portioned kids’ menu with stuff like chicken popcorn, tiny pizzas, and yummy pancakes. The desert menu is especially inviting because it has a lot of stuff you don’t find everywhere such as poached pears in a red wine reduction, profiteroles, and a yummy coffee dessert that I just can’t remember the name of!

All in all – this place is definitely worth a visit when you’re in a mood for a casual, relaxing dinner out with friends, kids, or just each other. You’re sure to get some good food, good music, and good conversation, topped up with good dessert!
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Maria said...

Really Cafe Bel Cibo is one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Gurgaon. Me and my family love that place.

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