Sunday, January 22, 2012

Suparna Ka Aangan in Gurgaon

Update on 6th May 2012: It has been reported that the caretaker of Suparna Ka Aangan is under arrest for raping/abusing many of the girls in this orphanage. I don't know yet if the allegations are true or not, but suggest you stay away from the place for now. If there's any more news, I'll update it here.

Original article:

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to get caught up in my own life with all its big and small activities and transactions and to-dos and joys and sorrows and problems and relationships and all that good stuff. If I ever sit down to count the number of things I do in a week, I'm sure I'd hit 4 digits at least! And though I'm constantly aware that I'm a very fortunate person to have a house and warm clothes and food and health and that I owe it to myself to give back to the world, this is something that often goes down on the to-do list and I tend to become complacent.

It was during one of these pockets of complacency that I came across a place called Suparna Ka Aangan. It's an orphanage started by a lady called Suparna Sethi and is located on the Ardee City road...the road on which Scottish High and Gold Souk and Epicenter are located. I was amazed at how much good is being done in this one tiny little place. They're managing to house, feed, and educate 80+ kids of all ages who either don't have parents or have been abandoned by them. They've also created a small clinic that provides free medicines and very basic healthcare to kids and other people in that area. They also have a creche initiative running at various construction sites in Gurgaon to care for the children of construction workers.

They have some dedicated staff and some volunteers who work very hard to make this initiative successful. Kudos to them for the work they're doing - it's really inspiring to see people who aren't as complacent and I tend to get and who have made it their life's work to do good for those who've been knocked around and really need support.

Talking to Mrs. Sethi, I realized there's a lot we can do. Of course, they always need financial donations. But in addition, if you have clothes, shoes, toys, books, stationery items, unused medicines, or old furniture (such as tables, book racks, etc.) that you could donate, that would be welcome too. Or you could contact them to go and spend time with the kids - reading and talking to them or taking some classes.

You can contact them through their website, their facebook page, or their facebook group.


How do we know said...

thanks. will share this on my blog too..

Living in Gurgaon said...

thank you!

How do we know said...

hi manika: this post has changed sth big for me.. thank you!!

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing such places in gurgaon

Gandhi said...

Turns out they used to rape 8-15 yr old kids there

Starry-eyed nut said...

Manila, this place is in news today for sexually abusing kids in their care. You might want to update or remove this post.

Living in Gurgaon said...

Gandhi and Starry eyed nut: thank you for your comments. I'm really shocked...constant reminders of how little one can trust these days. Have updated this post.