Monday, November 21, 2011

English language classes in Gurgaon

So, I recently started working again. Working for money, I mean. In addition to the slaving for no money but lots of joy from my grubby brats and other delayed benefits that I’ve yet to discover that I’ve been doing for a while. These delayed benefits better be something really great to make the parenting job hours and stress worth it! But I digress, as always.

Back to the point, the company I work for is in the area of English language learning and as part of my interaction with them, I’ve come across a really great place called the WordsWorth School of English Language. It’s located near Sector 14 on the Old Delhi Road. That’s the road on which Payal cinema and the Apollo clinic are also located. The school offers English programs for different groups of people – from domestic help, to children, to pretty much anyone wanting to improve their spoken English and confidence in communicating. In addition to general English, they also have other programs on grooming, soft skills, story-telling for children, preparation for IELTS, and so on.

 The lady who owns and runs the place is an experienced English teacher herself and has taught at Shri Ram for several years. She’s done a really good job setting up the place and you can tell when you walk in that she’s a perfectionist. The school is extremely well set up in terms of infrastructure with a very clean, very organized, and well-equipped lab, an activity room for kids, and a couple of conference rooms or large classrooms. The lab is used because the English learning program is largely computer-based, using specialized software to teach English.

They have a Facebook presence and a website that you can look through if you’re interested. You can also call the owner, Natasha Kalaan at 9810158274. As always, do leave a comment if you have any experience with this place or any other feedback you’d like to share.

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