Friday, October 7, 2011

Vaango: South Indian Restaurant in Gurgaon

My parents are here these days and my sister and I planned to take the whole jing bang - mom, dad, her kids, our kids, and us to eat at Vaango. This is a South Indian restaurant at the South Point Mall, next to the Genpact office, in DLF Phase V. If you don't have time to read my entire review, just read these three words: don't go there.

Now, if you have time to read the rest, here's why:
  • The management and staff have absolutely  no idea how to handle a crowd. The manager on duty was totally lost about how to assign tables to people waiting, how to inform them about waiting time, and how to respond to their queries. As a result, people were just standing around waiting for tables, like you would in a MacDonald's or something. That's fine if that's the expectation set from the beginning. But if there is someone to help you find a table, then they need to do that instead of standing aroung cluelessly while people shove around for tables.
  • The service is pathetic. We were 10 of us, so naturally the order was a large one. Our food arrived after about 40 minutes of waiting (though we were told it would take only about 15). Even after the wait, only some of the food came. The last thing came about 20-25 minutes after the first thing. We got more drinks and less food than we had ordered. The waiter had no clue which drinks were which - the glasses all looked the same. Noone came to clear the table long after we were done, which meant we were just struggling to find place to keep our coffee. This, after multiple reminders. 
  • The food is not terrible, but not good either. Everything is totally average - like an average food court South Indian counter. You eat. You forget. If you end up going there (because you're the kind of person who likes to live dangerously on the edge), just order an upma. That was the best thing on their menu. I hate to say it given the tone of the rest of this review, but fair is fair and that upma really was good.
  • The manager had no clue how to handle us when we complained about the poor service. I would expect him at least to have tried to make up for bad service when he saw how visibly disgruntled I was. Didn't happen. He just kept getting worse and slower. Finally, I asked him for a feedback form, which, of course, he didn't even bother to bring me. 
All in all - terrible experience. True - it was a holiday evening and we were 10 of us. So maybe we were a little difficult to manage. But then again, isn't that what a restaurant needs to be prepared to do?

Do comment if you had a different experience than ours! And also, of course, if you have recommendations for other South Indian food places.


Meira said...

I went to Vaango once. Didn't care much for the food or service. We usually end up going to Naivedyam in Vipul Square. Food's good, and the service is quick, if not completely efficient. I also like Coco Palm in City Centre, and Swagath in Sec 29 for Chettinad completely rocks :)

How do we know said...

I go to Naivaidyam too.. but mostly i just cook s indian at home :-)

rahi said...

We went to Vaango accidentally as my son is a die hard KFC chicken wings fan and always look out for n occasion to celebrate. We had been there twice so far and always had good experience.

Technology said...

Your Blog is Excellent.its been very helpful for me,i also recently shifted from bangalore to gurgaon and living in sohna road..I aslo had a same experience as u had in vanngo..i just went once there...Really Very bad food and not good service at all..We prefer going to Naivedyam as the food is good and also it did not affected our the service is also very good..we also like sagar ratna which is in city center..had been there once was felt good...