Thursday, September 22, 2011

OLE Kids, Gurgaon

My good friend, Shradha has the cutest and naughtiest little almost 3 year old son. He goes to OLE Kids school and daycare. She's a working mom and it was really important for her to find something that really works for her schedule and specific requirements. I asked her to write her thoughts and experience for this space and she was nice enough to send me her review very promptly! Thanks, Shradha!

Heres' what she said:

When Manika asked me to share my opinion on the school my son goes to, I did not know how to answer her immediately. I have been thinking and I believe that for all the parents who are looking for a playschool or a suitable daycare for their toddlers, there is no one right answer. To begin with one must recognize that there is no single factor that determines whether your child is ready to start his school. Only you can decide if your child is mature enough physically and socially to manage this new routine.

Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal. It’s common and normal for parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right.So let me share my 5 simple selection criterion for deciding on a playschool. I am not referring to any school coz like I said – there is no one right answer.

1. The infrastructure needed to be close to my house/ office. Given the fact that I will have to manage the pick and drop along with my work schedule. Also if it takes a long time to get to school, your child may not be too excited by the time they get there.

2. School that offers small class sizes and low child-teacher ratios. This will ensure that the teacher can give right amount of attention to my child. Given the new environment and no mommy around- any amount of attention will fall short!

3. The class infrastructure: The classroom must have lots of toys, play area and certainly some open playground for outdoor activities. Make sure the outdoor area is well guarded and fenced appropriately.

4. The philosophy of school: Don’t want to elaborate much on this. Every mother has an instinct and will be able to judge from things like their websites, conversation with the staff and other small things like the menu plan, fees structure etc. Basically I just wanted to make sure my child was not going to a school just because it was popular (you know how some schools are more spoken of then they deserve!). At the end my instincts told me that the place had a sense of homeliness and personal care rather than process and rules.

5. Plan B preparedness: To me this was crucial. What did the school have in place to manage those crucial situations when nothing goes as per plan. You know like- you can’t get out of a meeting and can’t pick up the child on time or if my son falls sick and you are not close by, what will they do to manage the situation. Do they have an in house nurse; tie up with a hospital, day care and school extended hours facility…@ my experience, once you start work -I can’t tell you how many times I have been in sticky situations where the school’s flexibility has bailed me out.

Now on Ole Kids Early Learning Centre: My son has been there since last 10 months and I am happy with the experience.The school has high standards of hygiene, well thought through and planned meals, good friendly staff and very caring didis. Now I am sure this is true for many other schools in Gurgaon. But here are some special moments that I can share:

1. The way their keep the parents informed and involved is very beautiful! Not only do I get a daily activity note along with a weekly dairy updating me of what he is learning and has picked up in the week but what is special are the pictures they post regularly- they are priceless. I even got hooked on to Facebook thanks to Ole! During the summer camp, Fridays became more special because I would get see all the things that Jai had created.

2. Celebrations: Their philology of celebrating all festivals and getting the child to understand the reason and celebrating it with clean pure activities and no show off stuff is remarkable.
3. Relationship- I believe that a relationship is created when you believe that the school is not only credible in its teaching, but reliable and personal and that is what Ole has meant to me.
I will lie if I say that I have not had any complaints but they are far too minuscule when compared to how my son’s school is an integral part of my life. In the end – I just know that nothing can replace a home and all you are looking for is a  place where your child is going to learn by having fun in a safe and clean environment.
Also don’t read too much and get influenced by reviews (like mine)- your instincts, situations and limitations will eventually help you make the best decision for your child!
All the best…


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Rakangz said...

I have a 2 yr old..wondering if I should send her to Pallavan or Ole kids. Both are pretty close to my house, and that's definitely a importnat consideration for me.

Any advise?

Prashant said...

Rakangz....Please Try this:-!Contact/c24vq

DrCharu said...

I think Footprints Play School in DLF Phase III is an excellent school. The best part is that they offer a one week trial period during which parents can experience the services. This is without any obligation. They provide live CCTV viewing facility so taht you can see your child's activities from home/office. I am completely satisfied with their services.

Jaya Singla said...

This is Jaya and I want to start play school for my 2 year old son.

I stay in sector 10A and my office is in DLF Phase3.

I have seen really good day cares like Udaan,Ole Kids,FootPrints and few more as my plan was to put him in some day care which is near to my office.

But now I am looking for a play school near my home so that after 3-4 hours of school, he can come back home where we have his nanny to take care of him. The reason being not to make him travel a lot.
Can somebody suggest me if there are any good play schools in Sector 10A.
As I didnt find much on net and have a fear that there would be good play schools in this area or not.

Prathima Trellis said...

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