Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun at Crazy Noodles, Galleria

I'd been meaning to try out Crazy Noodles on the 2nd floor of Galleria in DLF Phase IV because a couple of friends had recommended it. We finally made it there this weekend and I loved it! It was the first time in a long time that my husband and I went out for lunch with just old friends and without any kids, so I guess that has a lot to do with my happiness with the place. Give me a chance to eat lunch without worrying about whether the kids are destroying the crockery or poking each others' eyes with chopsticks, and I'll write glowing reviews of anything! Be that as it may, it really was a fun place and I'll tell you why.

It's done up really cutely in very bright and crazy colors and makes you feel like you're in some funky teenager-y new coffee shop kind of place. Minus the teenagers, thankfully - at least when we went! The focus is on fun more than anything else. So they have these fun glasses that just won't stand still and tissues that are happy to see you (you'll only know what I mean once you go there and experience the tissues) and little mind twister games that the waiters bring you to play while you're waiting for your food.

The food itself is decent. They have a few different things on their menu, unlike a typical Indian Chinese restaurant. In fact, I was disappointed that they have no manchurian. My friends may laugh at me but hey, I'm a Punjabi and I like my manchurian, so there. But they did have some great thukpa and also noodles with a tamarind and peanut based sauce that I really liked.

I have to tell you that Crazy Noodles is definitely not fine dining. It's casual, fairly inexpensive, fun dining where you can go with close friends and with your kids and have some laughs and enjoy yourself and come back quite satisfied.

All in all, definitely give it a shot. If for nothing else, then at least to meet those tissues!


Meira said...

The water glasss are cute too, no?

Peenuts said...

Gr8 review :)
I had a fun time too at the Noida outlet but was disappointed with their ambiance. You can find my review here :