Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Professional Childcare in Gurgaon: Your Responses Needed

Someone I know is starting a program that will certify nannies and child care providers by training them on professional childcare practices. (I, for one, can't wait for a reliable service like this to be introduced in Gurgaon so I can finally be sure that my maid/nanny knows what she's doing instead of stressing every time I leave my kids for a short while with her about all the small things that make up baby care!)

As they're going about designing the training program, they have put together a short survey to get inputs from people on what they look for in nannies.

Here's the link:

Please click on the link above and respond to the survey. It took me about 5-6 minutes to respond.


P.S. Just out of curiosity, do you have any comments on whether such a service would be of interest to you?


How do we know said...

this is a coincidence.. after my child was born.. i would do ANYTHING for reliable babysitting for 1-2 hours , like when one is not well, or when one needs to go out and cant take the baby along.. and i thought of a business idea to provide babysitting services on call. Certified babysitters who will have to enrol, pass the certificate and then work at their own availability.

One who banters said...


I am desperately looking for relieable nanny service in Gurgaon. Just moved from London, and would appreciate any contacts for the same. Also looking for reliable daycare / preschools for 15-16 month old on Sohna Road.

Loving your blog:) Keep writing! BIG HELP!!


Esha said...

Hi Manika,

Has your friend started providing certified nannies? If yes, please let me know as I'm currently on the lookout for one. I'm struggling between the idea of leaving my nearly 6 month old with a maid at home or in a day care.


Living in Gurgaon said...

It hasn't started yet, but I'll definitely let you know when it does.

It's naturally your decision but I have personally always had more faith in day cares. I feel they at least have a full set up to take care specifically of children. And god forbid, if anything were to go wrong like a kid falls or takes ill or something - there are more chances that they'll be able to handle a crisis like that. A maid, unless specifically trained as my friend is planning to do - would not know what to do.

My two cents:-)

Esha said...

Hi Manika, Has your friends started providing certified nannies yet?

Rahul Content writer said...

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