Monday, April 11, 2011

Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon

As luck would have it, we've had a few too many reasons to visit doctors and hospitals over the last couple of years. Too much of my family seems to be growing old at the same time. It is what it is though, and we're all just doing our best to get the best medical care possible. So, we ended up visiting Medanta a few times over the last 10 days or so. I had heard so much about the hospital and how they have collected the best doctors in every specialty and how they have such great infrastructure and so on. Based on this, I recommended that my uncle who needed to see a gastro specialist, travel from Dehradun and consult the chairman of the gastroenterology department at Medicity. I have to say, the whole experience was terrible. Medicity does not live up to it's name at all.

I do want to be clear that the doctor was fine and we have no complaints about his caliber. In fact, the same doctor had earlier treated my uncle at a different hospital and we were happy with him. But in any hospital, there are a lot of transactions you go through before and after you actually consult a doctor. There are appointments to be made, investigations to be completed, reports to be picked up, and so many conversations to be had. All of this requires you to interact continuously with hospital staff. This is where Medicity lost my vote completely. Their staff is terribly trained or rather untrained in how to deal with people. They have a very high handed approach and the general vibe you get from them is that they're doing you some sort of favor and you're somehow in a needy position because you have a patient on your hands or are a patient yourself. The number of times I met people who could not answer my questions and instead of directing me to the right person, just asked me to wait and then forgot about me is amazing. They also seemed to have no qualms in simply misdirecting me when they didn't know the correct answer. As an example, at one point, my uncle and I spent about half an hour looking for a particular doctor because people confidently kept pointing us to different places where he would be, only to eventually be told that he had left the hospital for the day. At one time, we were actually made to wait outside a closed door because he was supposedly inside completing a procedure. When I got tired of waiting and pushed the door open to see what was going on, it turned out the room was empty! My uncle, who was in terrible pain, was in this with me. When I asked the guard why he had misdirected me, he just stared dumbly at me.

Another time, I was waiting in line to pick up a report. In addition to the lady who was pulling out reports, there was another guy just bumming around and making jokes with the report lady. In the meantime, he got a call from a patient or attendant presumably asking for some information. Right in front of me, the fellow said he was too busy to talk because he was the middle of something and just banged the phone and then sniggered about this with the report lady. I can't believe that hospital staff, who are supposed to deal with patients and their attendants who are already so distressed by what's going on in their lives, are not trained to be more sensitive.

The other problem is that they don't have a uniform and good system for patients to make appointments and meet with doctors. For some doctors, you have to call the reception to get an appointment. For others, you have to call the doctors' secretaries. And when you do call the secretary, you realize he or she is all powerful and will decide if and when you get to meet the doctor. Even when you have an appointment, the secretary can easily bump others ahead of you if they have developed a better relationship with him or if he perceives their need to be greater than yours. We had a prior appointment for 8:30 pm. We finally managed to see the doctor at 10:45 pm.

On the whole, my experience with all the people other than the actual doctors I had to meet was so terrible that I literally had to force myself to go there the next time for a follow up appointment. I just did not want to deal with any of them. This is hardly the feeling one wants to get when thinking about a hospital.

Will I go back to Medicity? God willing, I won't have to. But given the caliber and seniority of the doctors there, if the need so arises, I guess I'll have no choice. But I'll go there with my guard raised and prepared for some unpleasant times.


The Nihilist said...

You should mail this post/ bring the situation in the notice of the Medicity senior management which has invested a lot of money in collecting one of the best talent pool of the doctors but fails to realize how the support staff is pissing patients off and hampering their reputation. May be they'll realize gravity of the situation and take some action.

Uday said...

I am right now admitted in surgery takes place in 3 hours. I have had an unpleasant time here. I have not had a wink of sleep having a headache just because I was disturbed so many times at night after having told the nurses that I am having a headache.
What a disorganized hospital. Nobody cares...will write in detail...this is sad.
I came in here cause the. Doctor my aunt got operated by moved from another reputed hosp!

Manika said...


I hope your surgery went well and wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for writing and I hope you can write more about your experience.


Vaibhav said...

Oh. I totally agree. I have been to that place once, and I am never returning.

I had gone to see a dentist. Had the worst experience in terms of appointment handling. And the supposed 'senior doctor' was a rank amateur I am sure.

She didn't even detect an infection that I had in my tooth. And for one of my tooth which had a cavity, she said "hopefully" we will have to remove this tooth.

Nopes, I am not going back there. Unless for a specific doctor.

Rekha said...

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Neeraj said...

I have been going to medicity nearly since the start of the hospital two years ago. Here are some goods and bads as per my experience.

1.One stop "shop": Lot of faclities like reporting, blood bank, various specialist doctors, canteen etc are under one roof.
2.Qualified Doctors: they've poached many best doctors of NCR region.
3.Clean infrastructure : I think this needs no explanation.

1. Immature processes: As observer-attendant, I have seen this hospital scaling like anything ..let it be no. of patients or doctors, staff or security.... Result is their processes were many a times not existing Or if they exist, humans(doctors,patients,staff,attendents)did not understand it. For example...process of OPD appointments or process of visiting patients Or settling of bills....
2.Communication: Due to too-much-too-fast approach there communication at all fronts is BAD.
Be it with doctors with high credentials or poor security walla.
Good communcation is a factor of exception and your lucky day...
3.Quality of doctoral consultancy:
I personally would overlook many of the BAD things if Quality of doctoral consultancy is a Constant however this has not been the case in my persoanl experience.
4.One stop SHOP: I do not like to see a hospital as a SHOP and I have been in denial mode since two years now that big organization may be expensive but do not do dirty keeping your patients more than necessary.... doing reports which are not really needed etc... BUT I have very less facts to substantiate my denial...... However I still have hopes .....


Do I recommend someone Medicity?
Yes ! because I have shooped around nearly all the A class hospitals in NCR region and theory of relativity is the reason for my recommendation.

What options does a Patient or rather "customer" has?

Patients = customer .. pains me !
Anyways! Have lot of patience, time
and money and best technique is "servant leadership" here that is treat following persons as quasi-God ...from security person to staff to highly qualified doctors...

How do we improve as community?

1. we should try to make such blogs transparant to hospital management and aspiring customers-patients & employees

2. Build Virtual communities of Practices and then ask for some structured replies from hospital management.

what do you say?


Sangeeta said...

I agree with you completely the hospital administration is really bad and the doctors names are there only for branding,the doctors are not available for patients at all. My Father -in -Law has just underwent a Bypass surgery there but it has been bad experience once operated he was left only under care the junior doctors the surgeon didnot even paid single visit after that. The discharge was so unorganised and there was no one available to answer to our queries we still have to go back for stitch removal but are dreading how we are going to manage with patient.

MKG said...

I want to highlight that Hospital is not safe as all test equipment OT rooms, ICUs are infected with all types of dangerous Bectrial infections resistant to most of the Antibiotics. These may be termed as superbugs. During your stay and treatment in the hospital your are going to receive one infection at each stage. The Antibiotic treatment of one lead to another infection resistant to many antibiotic leaving for very limited choice and finally a new variant resistant to all Antibiotics. My brother-in-law visited Medanta for consultation of breathlessness and tiredness. He was diagnosed with the problem of Aortic Valve and advised for immediate AVR (Aortic Valve Replacement). We admitted him in the hospital under Mr Trehan who first advised Angiography to rule out any Coronary Artery Disease. The test suggested Non-critical CAD and only AVR was needed. They started all Pre-Op tests. After 4th day of stay He was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and E.Coli infection. E.coli was sensitive to all Antibiotics. The first which he might have acquired after Angiography and other tests. He was discharged from the hospital with suggested course of Antibiotics.
He was readmitted after the completing the Antibiotic course, Surgery was performed, shifted to ICU for 2 days and then to room. The Urine Culture test revealed that he has received another Bacterial infection named Entrococus resistant to most of the Antibiotics. This he might have acquired either in OT or ICU. The Antibiotic treatment started during the stay of hospital. On the day of discharge Urine culture was done again while antibiotics were continued. The test report revealed another dangerous bacterial infection named Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp pneumoniae, resistant to almost all antibiotics. Now think of the person who has just undergone for major heart surgery with replacement of a aortic valve with a mechanical valve is infected with bacteria resistant to all antibiotics.
We have almost spent more than 4 Lacks in this hospital, borrowed from different sources and still see a dark future as there is no money left even for routine treatment. Can someone suggest what we should do, what we can expect from this hospital which looks great but a potential source of life threatening infections.

pralhad Karki said...

now a days many nepalese visit Medanta but why, I dint feel so what other visitor say. I think Medannta management still have to do more on patient caring environment.Response to the patient is really a psychological part of treatment which i feel of lacking.The very bad experience with Medanta is, I met doctor and got expensive test and wait for 2 and half hour to meet doctor with test report.unfortunately, due to my flight time I have to leave hospital without doctor consultation even after repeatedly asking with the secretary,and the doctor was staying in her OPD. Then after I have been following the doctor by phone mail and message many time but have no any response. Hospital management can review my file MM00436401.