Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oodles of Noodles at Nooba!

For as long as he has been going to work at Cyber City, my husband has been raving about a Chinese restaurant in his office building called Nooba. And creature of habit that he is, he always orders the exact same dish - the seasonal vegetable and seafood rice noodle bowl - and always talks about it with the exact same level of enthusiasm. Apparently, the waiters don't even bother to take his order anymore. I simply had to see for myself why this place makes him happier than any other...despite the fact that it's in his office! So we all finally made it there for lunch this weekend. I'm sure the waiters were chuckling fondly inside the kitchen at the sight of their most regular customer now also on a weekend.

So what did I think about the place? I loved it! I don't think I'll have the same dreamy look in my eyes when I talk about it as my husband does, but I did really like the food. It's not Indian Chinese. So don't go there if you're a hardcore chowmein and gobhi manchurian with some dhania for the Indian touch type of Chinese food fan (yum!). It's definitely Chinese Chinese. I take the number of Chinese people eating there to be a pretty good indication of the authenticity of taste at Nooba. 

Good ambience, much like any slightly fancy Chinese restaurant I guess. Good drinks. Try the masala lemonade, which, according to the menu, is their house specialty. Hey, something has to be Indian at a Chinese restaurant in India, right? Good food. Served kind of like at Monk - with single serve noodle bowls or rice bowls. Good dessert. Try the chocolate roulade. Yum yum. 

A meal for two with drinks and appetizers would be about Rs. 2500 or so.

All in all, definitely worth a visit. It's at Building 8C in DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase III. And if you do go, please let me know so I can tell my husband and smile when he gets dreamy about Nooba again!  


Lipa Rath said...

Thanks. This is helpful...I'm always in a look out for a new 'authentic' Chinese place:)

Anonymous said...

There's a joke in our office that if one hasn't been to Nooba at least thrice in a month, the person isn't a loyal employee :P
I liked it. Have you checked out Dine-esty in Sushant Lok? It's also good.

(Google brought me to your blog. I like your blog. Oh, and I'm a fellow Gurgaon-ite :) )