Monday, September 21, 2009

Ear piercing madness

As some of you may know, I recently had a baby girl. One of my big dreams when I was expecting, and hoping like crazy for it to be a girl, was to get her ears pierced and buy tiny little diamond dots for her chubby little ears (and maybe a couple of diamonds for myself too, while I was at it:-). Turns out, this thing we girls take for granted is not as easy as one might think. First, you have to convince your husband that getting ears pierced is not the same as major surgery, that all girls and many boys get it done, and that we'll all survive it. How this is done is another story for another day. Let's just say he wasn't happy about it, but he went along with me!
Next, you have to find someone willing to do it. Again, not easy. I called Sitaram Bhartia in Galleria. They don't do it. Then I called an ENT specialist at Paras. He does it, but I didn't like him, so I didn't want him to. Then, I called Tanishq at the Gold Souk. They don't do it, and they said they didn't think anyone at the Gold Souk would do it, and they would recommend I go to a doctor. Then, I called Max a million times before they finally figured out what I wanted and managed to get the info that there's one pediatrician (Dr. Babita Jain) who does ear piercings and gave me an appointment. Phew.
The doc turned out to be very friendly and nice and my little girl's ears are doing great. However, that's not really what this post is about. Think of this post as a continuation of my recent rant about how expensive things are in Gurgaon. I was stupid enough not to check how much this 3 minute procedure of getting two holes pierced in my daughter's ears would cost before I actually got it done. I just figured it would be a few hundred bucks at the very most. I really should have checked, because we ended up getting a bill of Rs. 4000 for the job - 2000 bucks per piercing. Add to this the 500 bucks we had to pay for the doc's OPD fee. Can you beat it?! I was reminded of the fact that my gynae's surgery fee for doing my entire C-Section and bringing my little one into the world safely was about 12000 bucks - only three times as much as this procedure. And she didn't even charge extra for all the piercings she had to do while stitching me up!
Looks like those diamond dots aren't going to happen for now, since Max took away a lot of the money that was going to pay for those.
By the way, if you've actually managed to get this done cheaper and as safely in Gurgaon, I'd really appreciate info on it. You know, just to help me feel a little more silly for choosing the most expensive option as always:-)


Nandini said...


I am writing this from US and was living in Gurgaon for the past 2 years and I perfectly understand what you are saying about expenditure in Gurgaon. We returned to India and came to US and the single major cause is expenditure in Gurgaon.
BTW,my cousin went to Joy Alukkas jewellary shop to get his daughters ears pierced and they charged some Rs.500 or so. They are jewellars from Kerala so no-rip off !!!
Hope this helps.. :-)
Just FYI, US is far cheaper than living in Gurgaon ;)
Regds... Nandini bala

How do we know said...

OMG! Max is easily the most expensive, and the stupidest hospital in Gurgaon!

Mermaid said...

There are jewellers in old Gurgaon who use guns for ear piercing and do a good job too. They know how to manage wailing babies and screaming kids and charge no more than 200-300 bucks. You need to take the tops off after a week and replace them with silver balis.

Dolon said...

OH GAWD Manika .. you fell into the worst trap .. actually a double whammy trap .. Can't say more than this for fear of a arousing slander charges ..

"How Much is It?" Should be a response-tic for most such queries in Gurgaon ..

The other day I almost paid Rs 2000 extra for a product in MGF Mall ground floor vs the same thing in a corner shop upstairs .. and those are the only two shops in that mall selling that product .. Hmm makes you wonder .. Told my hubby if he checked while at work [near ITO] in Old Delhi .. he might have saved two more grand.

Waiting for the Metro with SUCH A VENGEANCE!!!!!! Gone will be the RIDICULOUS bending over for such ass whipping we suffer daily in this city.

Nandini .. you said it ..

Himanshu Tandon said...

Well seriously I feel sorry for you. Most of the jewellers in Gurgaon would have done the pierce for FREE !!!

I got mine done using the gun method (which by the way is safest even for little children) from Chopra Jewellers at 168 Karol Bagh and they even gave me a complimentary stud FREE (and that was when I did not even buy anything else from them).

Chennaiboy said...


Do you have any recommendations on Ob/Gyn for my wife?

Which hospital is good for delivery?

Cradle or Artemis or something else??

Eidothia said...

I landed on your page accidentally while looking for reviews on Bella Madonna. Spent the past one hour going through all your blog postings. Very well organised and well written ofcourse. Keep it up.


deepa said...

Fortunately, my daughter's paed suggested another paed who does ear piercing in super mart-1. he did a great job with a very nominal charge of less than 1000 if i remember it right! he has special metal earrings for piercing and gives local anaesthisia! my daugther was perfectly alright after that!

Pachyderm said...

I recommend Joy Alukas at Gold Souk. Rs 300 charge, very quick efficient and friendly (esop with bawling kids). Got my daughter there last weekend and very pleased with the service. So was my daughter :-)

Bhavna said...

Hi i am looking for ear piercings in gurgaon> can you pls let me know.i needa reliable and resonable solution...thanks/bhavna

Manika said...

Hi Bhavna,

After my own ear piercing experience at Max, which I've written about, I happened to be at the Gold Souk and found out that Joy Alukkas, which is on the ground floor there also do this. I do not know how good or bad they are, but you could go and check out the place.


Priya said...


Max charges are definitely exorbitant. Someone told me about Dr. Tripta Dutta; however, I just got to know that she has stopped her practice due to poor health.

Can you suggest any other decent place where I can get my daughter’s ears pierced? I would prefer a pediatrician. Thanks for any help in this regard.