Sunday, June 28, 2009

Terrible experience on Gurgaon road

My husband was driving on the road that goes past Ardee City (Gates 1 and 2) all the way past Scottish High school and hits the new road that connects Sohna Road to Sector 56 in the evening yesterday. There's a market complex called Hongkong Bazaar a little past Scottish High on this road. As he was driving by this place, he heard a small bump on his car and then saw two men on bikes yelling at him and gesturing that he should stop. Well, he stopped and got out of the car, upon which one of the men started yelling abuses at my husband and accusing him of having hit his bike. Even the other guy on the second bike said he had stopped because he heard a "very loud" bump and thought someone was hurt. They both got extremely loud and abusive and demanded that my husband pay them Rs. 2000 as compensation for his bike which was now broken. When my husband tried to calm them down and pointed out that there absolutely no damage, and that even his car didn't even have a scratch, they pointed to some minor damage to the bike and brought the demand down to Rs. 1200. Since the place was very deserted and the men were very rude and bordering on being violent, my husband wisely decided to simply pay the guys and move away from there.

This is obviously a scam. These guys must be putting up this show several times a day and making money from people similarly wary about their own security and cautioned by the horrible news one reads so often about crime in the city. I've had a terrible taste in my mouth since I heard of this experience last night.

So, fellow Gurgaon survivors, please be careful when you're out, especially on roads that are deserted such as this one. Would also like to hear your thoughts on how one should deal with a situation such as this one.


Dolon said...

MY BIGGEST FEAR .. ROAD RAGE .. that too in Gurgaon .. where so many firearms are riding in back pockets. Thanks for warning about this particular stretch. Totally like a Frontier Town out here ..

Glad your hubs got off safely.

How do we know said...

whoops!! i forwarded this to the husband too!

Neil said...

I would never get out of the car in that situation. I would drive away and if needed drive into a well lit and busy location instead, or atleast in the direction where cops usually sit. The cops aren't much better but they won't want to risk it.

I had a similar situation and they tried to break into the car.

Manan Singhi said...

Hi. We have to get in touch :) Am in the process of moving to Vatika City very soon myself. That apart, have had plenty of terrible experiences and haven't been able to settle down in this city - and it's already been 2.5 years now.

In any case, thought it would be good to know someone living in the same vicinity and have some company.