Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fresco, Ambience Mall

Fresco is a restaurant in Ambi mall that serves some really good Mediterranean food. We've been there more than a few times now, mostly on weekends, and I've always had a good time. They have a pretty decent a la carte menu, but the thing we always go in for is their weekend buffet...all you can eat out of the very wide range of soups, salads, breads, main course dishes, pizzas, fried vegetables, and desserts. Theirs is one of the widest menus I've seen and I always end up overeating (why do buffets make me so greedy?!)

It's not cheap, but its more or less comparable to some of the other good buffets around town such as Park Plaza or Bristol. You can get the full buffet for Rs. 600 (these days they have some sort of a promotion going on, so this includes a glass of wine, but that's not always the case) or get just the soup, salad, and dessert for Rs. 300.

The things I like: food, bar, decor (very breezy and cool Mediterranean looking), service.
The things I don't like: price (obviously, cheaper would make me happier!) and location (it's on the food court floor of Ambi mall which is such a loud mess with millions of people on weekends that its hard to enjoy the nice decor and nice music.)

If you're fond of Mediterranean cuisine in general, definitely give this place a try, especially now that the weather is becoming too hot for spicy and masala filled stuff and light salads and icy cocktails are all you want to look at.

And of course, as always, share your experience and other recommendations here if you can!


Debajeetb said...

yes i would definitely second that fresco is really a gr8 place !!!

very refreshing feel about the colour theme......

Debajeetb said...

yes i would definitely second that fresco is gr8........

i liked the colour theme as well, nice & fresh !

Carolina Pereira de Meakin said...

9 out 10 got food poisoned there last sunday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been going there for couple of years .... it used to be Rs. 400 for the buffet on weekdays and has now been raised to Rs 600!!
Thats a pretty steep increase. Not really as worth it anymore. The food is pretty good but for that price, there is better buffets around.