Friday, April 3, 2009

Beanstalk, Galaxy Hotel

There was a time several years ago that I was absolutely crazy about Barista. You could literally offer to take me there any time of day or night and I would drop whatever I was doing and follow along just for the romance of sitting in a “coffee shop” and having a cappuccino with friends while someone fiddled with a guitar in the background. Barista has long since lost that magic and become a loud template of a coffee shop (or maybe it was always that and I was just too young to notice).

This doesn’t bother me as much anymore though, because I now have another favourite haunt for my late night coffee outings! It’s called Beanstalk and is on the ground floor of the Galaxy Hotel off NH-8 near 32nd Milestone. This place is definitely a more “5-star” version of a coffee shop with prices that reflect this quite accurately. However, it’s still worth the occasional (ahem…seems to be a lot more than just occasional in my case lately…oh well) visit when you’re in the mood for some great coffee that you can drink out of nice crockery while you nibble at the little cookie on the side and listen to someone play old favourites on the piano nearby. The added benefit is that they have a very tempting selection of cakes and pastries that are on a 50% happy hour discount after 8 in the evening.

I’m not really going to recommend a particular coffee or tea because I know how personal that decision is for any self respecting lover of hot beverages. But I do recommend you pay this place a visit the next time your credit card is feeling a little unused and you’re looking for a relaxed coffee outing with a friend or significant other. Bon apetit! (or whatever the beverage version of that is!)


Surajit Guha said...

Hey, nice bite of info. Would check it out! thanks!!

Dolon said...

do you know how late it is open at night?

Manika said...

I think till 11 at night.