Thursday, February 26, 2009


Earth is the name of a lounge bar and restaurant located off NH-8 near 32nd Milestone in the market complex that also has Fab India in it. I've been here a couple of times and honestly, the only reason I go back there is because someone plans a get together and chooses that as the venue. The thing that Earth is really good for is their ambience - they have lovely, comfortable couch seating and nice dim lighting that makes it perfect for a relaxed evening get together with friends. However, sometimes they have a live singer, who manages to spoil this whole thing by singing way too loudly in the small space that they have. But that's only sometimes and is still tolerable.

The thing that takes away my recommendation for them is that their food is pretty bad and their drinks pretty much below average. The pricing is pretty much what you would expect at any regular resto-bar...not lower, as the quality would suggest.

All in all, a pretty unremarkable place and worth going only if you know you're going to be with good friends who make any place fun!

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