Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Intellitots Early Learning Center

A few months ago, I had written about infant-parent and toddler-parent programs run in the premises of the Little Footprints School near Galleria in Gurgaon. Another place along the same lines is the IntelliTots Early Learning Center located in DLF Phase IV, near Ridgewood Estate and Galleria.

They offer several different programs for kids like infant-parent activities, toddler-parent activities, hobby classes, speech and drama, arts and crafts, and so on. They have also been running free Family Story Time sessions every Saturday in Jan. I don't know if they plan to continue these in the future, but would recommend you try one out if they do.

I've already interacted with Jimmy Eappen, who runs these programs as well as with the people who support him and have enjoyed taking my son to the infant-parent sessions earlier when they were still in Little Footprints. They all have a lot of experience and a great manner with children, and it's fun to see the kids respond to the array of stories, songs, rhymes, and activities that these people have up their sleeve!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the IntelliTots center and was happy to see that they now have much more space and nicely done up "classrooms" in which to run their programs. The center has been started by two moms - Pooja Goyal and Shivani Kapoor who are from IIT and have corporate backgrounds but ended up starting this place after coming back from extended stays in the US and Europe and being disappointed with the options available for little kids here in Gurgaon. Here is what Pooja has to say about the center:
IntelliTots early Learning Center offers a number of activity based learning classes for infants, toddlers and young kids from 6 months to 6 year olds. The classes have been designed to encourage development and imagination through fun and creative activities involving parents along the way. From storytelling to baby yoga to music and movement our classes use a variety of techniques and tools to encourage discovery and creativity.
At Intellitots they strongly believe that early experiences set the stage for lifelong habit of learning, social behavior and emotional and physical growth. Given that by the age of three, 85% of the brain’s capacity is in place creating the ability to speak, learn and reason, directed stimulation in early years goes a long way in developing confident individuals. All programs at Intellitots Early Learning Center are developed to stimulate your child’s sense of wonder and fun in these early years while aiding their physical, cognitive, verbal, and social development through learning based activities. We attempt to impact these early years by taking parents and children through a journey of discovery through activities like music, movement, and storytelling. Most importantly, they are committed to helping your child feel safe and supported during these critically important early years and let their creativity blossom.

If you're interested in paying this place a visit, here's the contact info: 5217 DLF Phase IV, Next to Ridgewood Estate Gate #1, Gurgaon. Phone: 9818659010. And, as always, if you have an experience to share with this or with a similar place, please leave a comment on this space.


Masha Bindra said...

My girls have been going to Jimmy since they were 1.5yrs old.
He and Manu are great with kids.

I recommend intellitots to all parents!

Masha Bindra

Vaibhav said...

You are dead on. I wrote about this place based on someone's feedback, and I have got only positive responses from readers.

I have talked to the people behind Intellitots and they come across as very passionate people.

Here's my post: http://www.gurgaonwatch.com/early-learning-for-your-kids/

Dolon said...

Thanks for this Intellitots tip .. I decided to check it out not only because of the comments and feedback here but also because a close friend of mine sent her two kids there .. well actually one kid ... the other one went to Little Footprint when the team used to be there.

The place was not at all impressive .. very closed .. and dark when it's sunny and pleasant outside and you wished the kids could do the same fun stuff in the lawns someplace .. esp the singing and and jumping bits .. So what sold me the idea of taking my kid there [he has been going there for couple of weeks now] .. It was the "no-hardsell" approach .. all they said was why don't you come and join a class and decide whether it's for you or not. WOWOWO .. did I just hear the most pleasant words a nitpicky parent like me can ever hope to hear .. "Try my Pickle .. Try this cookie .. Bite on this cake .. take it of you love it .. leave it and go if not" .. What selling point can be better than that ..

And second BUT also the most important for me [since I am not willing to hand over my shy and still too young to separate from mommy boy over to some I am sure most well meaning people but who my toddler views with zero trust because he knows them not] the fact that it is a parent-toddler program .. The parent gets to participate and watch how the kid is doing .. the toddler gets to concentrate on having a great time without having to deal with the traumatic absence of parent in an unfamiliar environ. The parent also gets to have a say in activities they deem not so suitable .. and drop out of things that they feel is not in their child's interest. In these formative years no one but the parent knows best how to help the child along ..

The team of Jimmy/Manu/Ruchi/Ekta are really nice .. all Julia Gabriel trained I hear .. Ofcourse being the Nitpicky Mom that I am I have held back my two paise comments on some of the stuff they do [sometimes minor .. but sometimes not so much] to myself .. hoping I find the right way to present it to the team without sounding 'nit-picky' and critical

ha ha ha ha .. sometimes I wonder should one go ahead and say it to help the program or hold my tongue since my kid won't be going there for long ..

Intellitots team said...

Hi Dolon,

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are working on fixing some of the issues you mentioned. Could I request you to give us your critical and nit picky feedback so that we can continue to improve upon the program? Please do write to us at info@intellitots.in so that we can get in touch with you to benefit from your insights. Thanks Pooja from Intellitots

Nidhi Kaushik said...

I moved to Gurgaon a month or so ago and had no idea which pre school to send my daughter to.

Thanks to a friend of mine who highly recommended Intellitots, I decided to check it out. Despite, the problem of current lack of space (which they are in the process of solving by expanding and creating a bigger play area outdoors), my daughter and I loved it thanks to the extremely helpful and approachable staff who not only made my child comfortable in the new environment but were also very approachable, pleasant and eveready to give time to a parent in order to resolve any doubts or queries a new person and a parent has about a new schooling format in Gurgaon as well as a new school. After all its the people who make the place.

The Intellitots team is in the process of growing and are moving in right direction thanks to the child centric approach as well as the personal touch that they provide, which is one of the most important things in these initial school going days for a child.

As for us - Intellitots has been a Tot-ally Intell-igent choice.