Sunday, September 14, 2008

Risky Parking

If you live on or near Sohna Road and frequent the Omaxe Mall there, here's some advice for you. Do not park your car outside the mall entrance on the roadside. This is a common practice since a lot of people use this mall as a place to run quick errands or run in to pick up a couple of grocery things. So, parking outside saves time and money. This is especially since the Omaxe basement parking is really badly built, laid out, and lit.

I went there this evening to run a quick errand that I knew would take me less than 10 minutes. As I parked my car outside, a helpful young boy warned me that (are you ready for this?!) someone had been deflating the tires of all the cars standing outside, so I shouldn't take a chance, and park in the basement instead. In fact, he himself had just finished changing his tire. Thanks to this guy, I was able to prevent this happening to me, but I just couldn't understand how people were letting someone get away with this. After all, there's no sign around there that marks this as a no parking zone. Neither has anyone ever been stopped from parking there before.

Anyway, I was pretty mad about this, and checked with the security guards as well as a couple of the shop owners there. The most likely story they gave me was that the folks who have the parking contract for Omaxe were getting pissed about the loss of parking money as a result of this outside parking practice, and bribed some police guys into coming and deflating the tires of several vehicles standing outside. I don't even know where to start my rant about this. So I'll save you the trouble of reading what promise to be some extremely unpalatable words. Let's just say it's unpleasant to think that we're living in such a lawless environment, where the very people who should be upholding the law can be bought off to create such inconvenience to citizens. How difficult would it be to just put up a no parking sign there, and fine people who break that rule. Or tow away their cars. Just don't do something so silly, immature, illegal, and stupid without even warning people first.

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