Thursday, September 11, 2008

Petrol Pump Cheats

I'm absolutely disgusted by the fact that no matter where you go or what you're buying, it seems like there are people to cheat you the minute you look away. I had a terrible experience at the petrol pump opposite the Gold Souk (next to Epicentre) today. It's a nice, swanky petrol pump that I've been going to regularly for the last year or so (I wonder how many times they managed to cheat me without me even realizing it.)

What happened today was that I asked for a receipt for the Rs. 1000 I spent on fuel. I had to ask a couple of times before the fellow stopped ignoring me in the hope that I'll get impatient and drive away without the receipt. When I insisted on it, he tinkered around with the pump for a few seconds and then came up to me asking me to open the fuel tank again since he had put in less fuel by mistake because the "machine cut off in the middle due to a power cut."

Basically, what had happened was that he had taken a chance that I wouldn't ask for a receipt (maybe they have a customer profiling system: woman with baby in a car seat not the type of customer to bother and certainly not the type to get into an argument with a petrol pump guy). Since I did ask for a receipt, he had to print it out of the pump (they don't do manual receipts), and that would reflect the amount of petrol he actually gave me, which turned out to be for Rs. 875 instead of the Rs. 1000 that he told me he's given me. When I confronted him about this, he completely denied it, and in fact said that he was the one who had voluntarily come back to fill more petrol. Obviously, this was bullshit. I asked to see the manager who turned up and gave me more bullshit. He tried to tell me it's the machine's fault but also admitted that his staff is full of "badmaash" people. Whatever.

The lesson that he did manage to teach me though, is that whenever you get fuel from these automatic pumps, insist on a receipt that has your 4 digit car number printed on the receipt. Don't let them get away with entering 0000 and certainly don't accept a receipt that has a different car number on it. This will ensure that the receipt you're getting is for the exact amount of fuel that has gone into your car. And of course, only drive away once you've confirmed that the amount is correct.

I'm really bugged that this happened, but at least I now know one more thing about keeping my wits about me. Good luck keeping your eyes and ears open, my fellow Gurgaon survivors!!


sexysucker said...

I sincerely hope there are more people like you in gurgaon, who can set an example and also share their experiences for others to be aware of. I hope we can give some kind of character to gurgaon-wallas to live by. Live and Let Live!!!

rajat said...

Even I faced same dort of experience with MAARS computers in gurgaon. I don;t know why gurgaon people do like this.
I bought a laptop charger from Maars Computers 4 months back. I was very hapy initially because he gave me 6 months GUARANTEE (I have the bill with details mentioned) and gave home delivery for that. However, I was mistaken. That charger did not work just after 7 days. Since then, I am calling him again and again. Wasted on phone calls more amount than the price of charger. But he is not replacing it. He definitely cheated. Later on, I bought the charger from sector 14 at half the price with the same warranty.
I advice you all to be aware of such shops and be careful while buying any items from local shops

honest_eyes_abhi said...

Abhishek: Thanks for sharing your experience..from now on, i'll make it a habit to collect the receipt with my car number on it.