Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sitaram Bhartia Clinic, Phase IV, Gurgaon

When I first moved to Gurgaon almost 4 years ago, the one thing that used to bug me was the lack of good hospitals and clinics here. There were a few random ones like Umkal Hospital and Privat Hospital (go to Privat if you want to be cheated out of all your savings), but nothing that you felt you could really trust, both in terms of quality of care as well as the money charged for services. Now though, the story is quite different. There are lots and lots of options if you’re looking for a good hospital. Some of these are Max, Paras, Healers, and Artemis, which are all full blown hospitals and Apollo and Sitaram Bhartia, which are clinics.

I’ve been visiting the Sitaram Bhartia clinic in Galleria (DLF Phase IV) for more than a couple of years now and have been really satisfied with them. They have a lot of visiting consultants in a wide range of medical fields, so you almost always can get an appointment with someone who can help you. The doctors I’ve met have been mostly very competent as well as friendly and willing to spend time answering your queries (which I think is a great quality in docs). The staff is also very professional, friendly, and willing to help. The other great thing is that Sitaram has a bunch of healthcare packages which are pretty well thought out and end up saving you a fair bit of money. When I was pregnant, for instance, I had taken a 9-month care package that took care of all my consultations and most of my regular tests throughout the pregnancy. I ended up saving about Rs. 4000-5000 and also the hassle of making payments each time I was there for an appointment or a blood test or some such thing. Now, we have a family healthcare package, which costs almost Rs. 4000 (they may have revised their figures, so not putting an exact amount here) for a certain number of consultations (general, specialist, pediatric, and gynae). In addition, they have packages for complete health checks (much like all other clinics/hospitals) that are also pretty reasonable.

The downside, of course, is that this is a clinic and isn’t open 24/7. They’re open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday, and till about 1:00 pm on Sundays (limited doctors and staff available). So, you can’t count on them in case of an emergency, and should definitely have a hospital number handy. If you need to contact Sitaram Bhartia for a consultation, their number is 0124-4131111.

Hope this is helpful:-) Stay well!


Vaibhav said...

We were referred to Sitaram Bhartiya by friends. However, when we got there our experience was way below par and we haven't returned since.

The staff at the reception was totally unprofessional. The handling of the patients was more akin to what you would see in a government hospital.

The doctor seemed competent enough, though.

Manika said...

Hi Vaibhav,

Sorry you had a bad experience at Sitaram...I've always been pretty happy with them, but I guess everyone has different experiences. Do you have recommended clinics/docs/hospitals you visit?


Vaibhav said...

Yup, i have been pretty happy with Max and Artemis. Here are reviews on both on this Gurgaon Blog:

Pooja said...

I agree with Vaibhav on this. My experiences with the front desk staff have been on similar lines. They are unplanned, unprofessional, and completely lost, especially at weekends. Despite all these flaws, I still visit the clinic because of an excellent paedeatrician who practices from there. Manika, these insights are really helpful, though.

Manika said...

Thanks for your comment, Pooja! By the way, who's the excellent pediatrician?

Jyotika said...

Hey Manika,
Today while browsing i accidentally opened your blog..and I'm hooked on it..its a great source of information on Gurgaon. With this weather, the dust, no outdoor activities...I don't like this city much.But i liked the information you have provided its really very useful.

Can you pls also suggest me a name of a good pediatrician at Sitaram or any other hospital?I'll appreciate your help.

Silence said...

Hi Manika,
Would you know of a good gynae in gurgaon?

Manika said...


I used to visit Dr. V.L. Bhargava in Sitaram Bhartia in Galleria. She's very senior and very good, but because she's close to retirement, she doesn't do deliveries. She does take on pregnant women, but tag teams with a junior doctor (used to be Dr. Swati Sinha, who did both my C-sections and is also good) for that. For non pregnancy stuff, I'm sure she's good because that typically doesn't require being available at odd times.

Other than this, Dr. Sonia Nayak, also at Sitaram enjoys a really good reputation. I haven't personally been to her though I have friends who speak well of her.

Hope this helps.


Harpreet Bagga said...

Hi Silence,

You can go to Dr. Preety Agarwal at Appolo Clinic , Sec-14, excellent doc..I chaged to her for my C sec and was very happy...she takes personal interest in each case, I have many friends who r really happy with her.


Silence said...

Thanks Manika and Harpreet. Any feedback in Cradle hospital in sec -14? Thank you

Harpreet Bagga said...

Hi Silence,

My experience at Cradle has been really good...My daughter was born there. The staff ( duty docs, nurses) are very good..., they took good care of us for the 3 days I was there and were ready to help when required....My daughter looked after very well...


Anushka said...

Can any one share her feedbcak with privat hospital regarding pregnancy case

vatika resident said...

Though previously I was going to Sitaram Bhartia clinic for my kids, now I found a good Pediatrician in my Vatika premises only. Dr. Raktima who is attached to Apollo clinic and cradle, have started to visit her clinic in vatika city, shopping area above needs gourmet. She is really good as a clinician and also behavior, gives sufficient time and patiently listens to all the queries of the parent.

diptigupta said...

can any one suggest me a good ped in gurgoan??