Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Furnishings in Gurgaon

So, what have I been up to all this time that I haven’t been updating the blog? Among other things like take a vacation and run after my son a lot, I’ve been looking for upholstery for my new sofas (which when they finally arrive will I’m sure do a great job of filling the void that is my current drawing room…seriously, my son plays his version of cricket there and will be sorely disappointed when his field is taken over). We ordered our sofas from Adbhuta, which is a great furniture store, if you haven’t heard me say that already. Choosing the design of the sofas was challenging enough since there’s loads to pick from and my design brain is only a little bigger than pea-sized. But the bigger challenge for me was the upholstery…the pressure of getting something just right is huge. For one, the type of fabric and design of your upholstery can make or break your living room. For another, everything is so expensive that you can’t really afford to make mistakes (unless you can, in which case, go all out and experiment!!). I recce’d a few different stores and finally think I got it right (fingers crossed!) Here’s the low down on the stores I visited:

Seasons: this is located in the Plaza Mall (next to Essel Towers) and is where I eventually got what I liked. They have a brilliant selection of fabric for curtains and sofas and cushions etc. The store is set up really well with the fabric divided by color schemes which is great, especially for someone like me who gets blinded after looking the first few racks of fabric and begins to think everything looks more or less the same. The ordering of fabric by color scheme did me a lot of good. Also, they had catalog sort of binders which combined matching fabric and provided great design combination suggestions. Although we didn’t need it, I also noticed that they do a lot of custom work…for instance, you can get patch work or embroidery done on your sheer curtains which seems like a great idea (if only I had the money!) They weren’t open to bargaining on the price at all though…so what you read on the tag is what you’re going to get. They also need a day to get the fabric to you since they only have samples in the showroom and need to order from their factory in NOIDA. All in all, I’d recommend you definitely go pay this place a visit if you’re looking for home furnishings.

Floor and Furnishings: Located just a little before The DT City Center Mall as you’re headed towards the highway as a separate building, not as part of a mall. This is again a great place for home furnishings of all types – curtain fabric, sofa upholstery, carpets and rugs, blinds and chiks, bed linen, wall papers, etc. They also have a wide range available in pretty much every category and you can tell the quality is great. I always find them more expensive than other stores, however, and have only picked up stuff there when they’re on sale. Again, definitely pay this store a visit…chances are you’ll find something you like.

Mo: This is another independent store located right next to Floor and Furnishings. They have about 70% of the range that F&F has, if I were to make a guess and they’re a lot cheaper. Make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of the fabric you pick up since sometimes I think I notice a difference in quality between them and F&F even on prints that look the same. However, I’ve bought a lot of my curtains for the three houses we’ve stayed in so far from there and haven’t been disappointed with the quality. The other advantage of Mo is that they’re willing to give you at least a 10-15% discount if you ask, and more if you’re good at bargaining!

Deepak Furnishings: They have a couple of different branches in Gurgaon that I know of. There’s one in Galleria, another in a little complex past the Genpact office on the Golf Course Road, and one that has opened recently in DT Mega Mall. I’ve only visited the Galleria outlet. They have a decent-ish collection, but it’s not as wide as the other stores mentioned above. They do a lot of different looking borders and custom designs for curtains and chiks which are worth checking out. Again, I find them more expensive than they should be, and haven’t really picked up much from them except for a set of curtains a while ago. I guess I’m on the fence with them…worth checking out as part of your recce before you make a decision, but not guaranteed to have something you will want.

So that’s my list. There are some other furnishing places as well, especially in the Plaza Mall, which has a lot of home décor stores but none that I have any experience with. As always, I welcome your comments on this post – stores you like, stores you dislike, suggested changes to this blog…you name it!


Silence said...

Hello, Would you know the cost of getting a modular kitchen done? With Chimney/Hob? i.e. if you have done it yourself, ofcourse.. :-)

Manika said...


Am so sorry but I wouldn't really know since our house came with the kitchen already done...so, thankfully, I didn't have to get into it. I have a few friends who got theirs done, so I'll check with them and let you know if they have an estimate. How big is the kitchen you're looking to get done? Approx how many cabinets?


Silence said...

Well, all I have in the kitchen is a granite counter and a sink. So, it would be the cost of the complete woodwork in the kitchen.. which is 8x12... dunno if this information helps. thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Wow really nice collection of home furnishings...

Shoneeka said...

Hi there,
Very impressive blog. I'm into brocade & wedding bedcovers. Can you talk about it on your site.

S.War said...

Hi Manika,
love your blog...living in Gurgaon and find it super useful especially since we are thinking of moving there from VK pretty soon. The builder apt we are thinking of renting does not have power backup. Do you know anything about which gensets to use- approx cost etc to install power backup? Thanks,