Monday, May 5, 2008


One of the things I struggle most with (more so recently since we’re settling into a new house) is where to buy good furniture. The basic problem is that ready made furniture from branded stores like Lifestyle or Home Town has really good designs and looks very swanky, but is about as durable as a sheet of cardboard. The quality of wood these people use amazes me. On the other hand, if you get custom made furniture from a random furniture store that you really know nothing about, chances are you’ll get taken for a ride and the piece you end up with will not be what you expected or saw on display in the store. The wood used will be different and inferior, and there will be all sorts of flaws in the finish which will be crudely and temporarily polished over to make you think you’ve got your money’s worth. This is exactly what happened with us when we bought a bed from a place called Spacify at a furniture market in Gurgaon.

The advantage of custom made furniture of course, is that you can get the design and wood quality you want, provided you are lucky enough to find an honest shop to do this for you. Which brings me to the reason for this post. There’s a brilliant furniture place called Adbhuta located off the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road (it’s on one of the lanes to the left as you’re headed out of Gurgaon towards Delhi…it’s more of a warehouse than a showroom, so you won’t see any signs. Turn left into the lane with a sign for Silver Oaks Farmhouse, and ask for it). The neat thing about this place is that they have a really wide range of very attractive antique-y and modern big and small furniture. And anything they don’t have, they’ll make for you if you ask nicely :-). The other good thing is that you can give them your budget for what you’re looking for and they will consult with you about the type of wood and the type of polish that you can pick to keep your furniture within that budget. The biggest plus point is that they’re very honest and professional. So far, I’ve bought my dining table and my crockery cabinet from them, and in both cases, I’ve got exactly what I expected. No unpleasant surprises at all.

So, if you’re looking for good furniture, pay this place a visit, and chances are you’ll like what you see. If you’re interested in the exact location of the warehouse, drop in a comment with your email address, and I’ll send specific directions.


newblogger said...

Glad to get some info on furniture shops in Gurgaon. We've moved into Gurgaon about 2 and 1/2 half back and have been searching for good furniture shops.Will check out the shop u mentioned.Any ideas on what the shop 'Timberline' in Galleria is like ? We've seen shops on MG road but not sure if the wood is good or not :-(

Manika said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment. Hope you're settling in well here! Where have you moved from?

I haven't really checked out Timberline, so wouldn't know. There are lots of places on MG road but you have to be lucky to get someone honest. Biggest problem I find is that there are a lot of designs that I like in the showroom, but you never know if they'll give you something that looks as well finished and even worse, you really don't know what wood etc will be used.

DreamMaker said...

Hi, we are just about to move into our new home in Gurgaon, and I am really glad to have chanced upon your blog.
Can you please give more specifc directions to this place Adbhuta? I'd love it if you could leave the directions in the form of a comment on my blog
Thnx in advance! :)

Nitin said...

Hey this is really good infromation.Could you please let me know the location if we come from Sec-14 side.

Manika said...

Hi Nitin,

It's on your left side as you're heading from ggn to Delhi on MG road (don't take the highway). You'll see a blue sign saying Silver Oak farms about3-4 kms after the border. take that road, drive about 200 yards and ask someone..there are no signs.

Hope this helps.

San said...

I am also planning a visit to the furniture store, you mentioned. do you have any contact no of the store and how far it is approx from Iffco Chowk?

Monika said...

Hi Manika,

Would really like to visit this furniiture shop for a customized bed . Can you please send me the address and directions on MG Road.


shalini said...

where can i get furniture and electronics for rent in gurgaon

My lifejourney said...

Hi Manika,
while searching for something I came across your blog and have alrady gone through most of it, we are planning to move to Gurgaon this summer from US after 5 years, your blog is just incredible , so much information, you are doing a great job.
I would appreciate if you please let me know a few things, if you know.
1.Phone number of ADBHUTA, furniture shop
2. Do you know any contractor who can do minor repair work, plumbing work and paint work in our home (we rented our apartment so I am expecting it to be in terrible condition.
Thank you.
Congrats on creating a blog which is so helpful

Gargi said...

Does this furniture shop stand in the same place?Please let me know

Living in Gurgaon said...

Hi Gargi, yes it's still in the same place.

Rahul Khanna said...

try a store called the shelf in ninex mart on sohna rd, its netxt to fortune hotel ..greta place to shop for home decor and paintings etc ...

Anand Newar said...

Can i have the address/phone number of Adbhuta? is it close to ghitorni metro station? is "" their website?

has anybody tried sadar bazaar for furniture?

Bindiya Mehra said...

Hi !
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Bindiya Mehra said...

Hello everybody !!
Thanks a lot for your kind words of appreciation. We are glad that there are so many satisfied clients and looking forward to serve many more.Our address details are mentioned below. You can also visit our face book page for daily updates.
Address : 661 Silver Oak Farms M.G Road
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