Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some art for your walls

A friend told me about this website called Artjini that I think is really great. They have a huge collection of posters and tapestries at fairly reasonable prices. You can order a poster as is, or get it mounted and framed from them too. The neat thing is you can play around with the type of frame and type and color of mounting and even see what it looks like on your wall before you order. I haven't actually ordered anything from them yet, but look forward to lots and lots of browsing to find just the right art for my walls!

2 comments: said...

Hi Manika,
Woulkd be shifting to our house in Vatika Iris within 10-15 days. Searching for packers & movers when came across ur blog. Have only just one word to say Fundoo, terrific. Keep it up. Now want to meet u. hope to see u soon as u r also in Vatika Iris.


Manika said...

Thanks for reading and for your nice comment, Anya. Look forward to running into you here...yes, we're also in Iris.