Sunday, April 27, 2008

6 Things I Hate About Gurgaon

1. Dust dust dust. Iced with some more dust.
2. If the weather is bad, you go to the mall. If the weather outside is great, you still go to the mall. Why? There’s NOTHING outdoor-sy to do in this entire city.
3. You have to teach your kids what a tree looks like out of picture books. Because you cannot hope to see a tree worth its name at least as long as you live in Gurgaon.
4. Hardly any public transport to write home about. But that’s all about to end with the Metro. I carry around 20 bucks in my pocket just waiting to buy my first Metro ticket.
5. You have to be constantly ashamed and guilty of your Haryana license plate because of the reputation Gurgaon drivers have worthily earned.
6. Plays, street theatre, book readings, talks, dance performances, and recitals are things to wistfully read about in the Delhi Times list of events in Delhi. Not Gurgaon. In Gurgaon, you want an evening out, you go to the…wait for it…mall!

I know, I know. There are more than just 6! Leave a comment if you'd like to add to this whiny list.


Anshika said...

hey..we do have a great cultural convention center called epicentre in gurgaon now..check out the site -

Amit said...

You should take your kid to Leisure valley Rose to Bikanerwala. That's the only place you will see trees, plants etc

Anu said...

Hey Manika,
I have 100 things to write about GGN, your 6 points sum it all up.
I love the fifth one.


newblogger said...

I soo totally agree with you. Too many malls, really bad roads, no public transport, no cultural happenings, and although we have 24 hour backup at the rate the power keeps on constantly going off and on I am scared that within a few months, all my electrical appliances will go bad - inspite of having stabilisers. Speaking of Epicentre, guess what, we decided to drop in to that place last evening and found it was closed..can you imagine - and its suposed to be a cultural centre but shut on 'Sunday evenings ' !! So obviously there are only MALLS for entertainment on Sundays :-)

Loes said...

What a great blog! I really agree with you: we are missing something like 'Lodi Garden' here in Gurgaon. Malls get pretty boring after some time, and a big part of the year the weather is perfect for a stroll in a park!

How do we know said...

u already know about Leisure Valley. in addition, there are hajaar public parks in Gurgaon.. small ones, but they are there.

There is a gurudwara and 2 temples where i regularly take my son, not for religious reasons, for a nice outing.

Then, if you take the Gurgaon Faridabad road, its a lovely drive.

Epicenter has a great outdoor place where kids love to just run around. I take them there to run around and for the painting exhibitions. He likes it there.

32nd Milestone is a good place too with gardens et al if you live near there.

On some weekends, we pack our picnic bags and lunches and go to Qutub Minar or the Garden of Five senses. Right opp the Qutub Minar is a giant Mahavira Statue(called Ahimsa Sthal)

We usually have a good time! :-)

SMM said...

Ggn is unnecessarily over-priced for everything.So far being one half of a DINK couple, it doesn't pinch so much, but once we start a family I am sure it will

Gaay said...

Hey Manika,

I live in the States and will be soon moving to NCR on The new job opportunity for my husband in cybercity. We have a 2 year old and I am a recent stay home obsessed about cleaning and making everything PERFECT for y little one.

While doing my research, I stumbled across your blog which is very very informative, and thanks for being so helpful. Can you help me decide what would be a better place to live - south Delhi or gurgaon. We will be willing to spend unto 50000 for rent and looking for a pleasant green location with power backup and security and not a terrible commute for my husband. I also want to be able to send my kid to a good preschool and give him plenty of outdoor time in parks, pool etc. If I could ask more, I would like to stay close to the availability of fresh organic and international groceries/ meats like the farmers market you
mentioned in one of your posts.

When you have some time, I'd love to know your thoughts and recommendations. Pls also recommend some apartment complexes if you can.

Thanks again so much for your help and all the time you spend posing information on your blog.


Manika said...


I would definitely recommend Gurgaon over South Delhi, especially since your husband's office is in cybercity. It would make the commute a lot easier for him if you lived in Gurgaon. Also, things like power backup, water, and gated, secure communities are much better in Gurgaon. You should be a able to find some pretty good places to live in the rent you mentioned. I don't know the rents off the top of my head, but a lot of places on what is called the Golf Course Road will meet your requirements. Some places I can think of are: Pinnacle, Icon/Ikon, Central Park I, and Vipul Belmonte. There are a lot of options to choose from and I'm pretty sure you'll find something you like.

Please feel free to write to me if you need any other help. My email is manikagandhi at gmail dot com.


banu rajesh said...

Hey Manika,
I've been reading some of your posts in the last couple of months. Your blog was very helpful in getting some idea abt Gurgaon. We just moved here a couple of weeks ago. I completely echo with your points abt Gurgaon.
One more to add is the spitting that people do around here without having any consideration for others around them.
Next comes the number of pigs around the city...why can't the city do something abt these animals which are good carriers of diseases