Friday, March 7, 2008

God's Blessings in Gurgaon :-)

Our son turned one last month, and we wanted to get a small hawan/pooja done in our house on the occasion. Having never done a pooja at home in Gurgaon before, I was at a loss for how to go about this. The first thing we needed to find was a panditji who would conduct the hawan. I had seen a small temple next to The Palms (Unitech) on the road leading to Nirvana Country/Sohna Road. I’m not sure what that road is called – it’s off the roundabout that Palms and Unitech Club is on the corner of. Turned out to be a good choice, since the Panditji we ended up meeting turned out to be really nice. He seemed to know what he was doing, and did a really good job with the pooja. He’s also pretty fancy. Apparently, most of his work involves doing remote poojas for NRIs using a webcam and a temple setup he has in his house. So, he’s pretty busy after 8:00 pm India time! He has so much work, in fact, that he has a team of 20 pandits under him who help him manage! I can’t imagine what a remote pooja must be like, not only for the pandits, but also for the recipients and am naturally a little amused by the concept. The realtime one turned out to be very well done though, and if you’re looking for someone to do a hawan for a birthday, a greh pravesh, or any other occasion, I’d recommend you pay this little temple a visit. Arranging the pooja also turned out to be quite uncomplicated since panditji brought all the things he needed with him, and we just had to arrange for some fruit and some mithai. You have to pay for this, naturally, but it’s not much. There’s a security deposit of Rs. 200 for the hawan stuff plus the cost of the ghee and other samagri.

A pooja is a pooja you say…but I’ve had occasion to meet pandits who make you think the whole thing was a big farce (answering cell phones in the middle of the pooja and what not!) Hence this blog post to recommend one that I did think was genuine. And if you do meet him, be sure to chat up with him about his NRI remote pooja experiences:-)


Pooja said...

Hi Manika,

Do you have the number of this panditji?


Manika said...

Hi Pooja,

Sorry about the delay in responding to you. I have this panditji's cell phone number. Not sure he'd want me publishing it. Could you send me an email, so I can respond with it? My address is


Anu said...

HI Manika, I am new to Gurgaon & am looking out for a good group/ person that would b able to do a Mata Ki Chowki on a small scale in my home.
I just stumble on you blog & am totally loving all the excellent info. Soooo helpful for us Newbees :-)

Living in Gurgaon said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for your comment. My only suggestion would be to visit this temple - it's next to Unitech Palms - I think you can see it from the road. Hopefully you'll get some idea when talking to the panditji there.