Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby Stores in Gurgaon

There’s never an end to the things you need for kids, as I’m sure any of you with children of your own will readily agree! I have a one-year old and seem to spend extremely large amounts of money on regular stuff for him. There are some stores I visit quite frequently mostly on the DLF phase IV/V side of Gurgaon since I live closer to this side. I’m pretty sure there are other baby stores towards Sector 14, etc, and I’ll be sure to write about them if I find out about any.

Littles: This is on the first floor of DT Mega Mall (couple of shops away from Fab India). It’s a nice and friendly store that used to be my favorite one till a couple of months ago. I still like the staff there, so always make it a point to go there first if I’m looking for something, but I find that they’re no longer as well stocked as they used to be. Nevertheless, you can get all the basics – nappies, PJs, vests and T-shirts, toiletries, bottles, wipes, etc. They also keep clothes, but I’ve honestly never found anything great in that department.

Be sure to ask for a discount when you go – they’ve been willing to give me one in the past!

Dezine Kids: This is a branch of the store by the same name in Greater Kailash in Delhi. It’s located on the ground floor of the DT Mega Mall, and is providing stiff competition to Littles. They’re very well stocked with all the regular baby stuff including some good everyday clothes, socks, shoes, blankets, thermals, and whatever else you can think of that your baby will need. In addition, they have a huge range of toys and activity stuff for kids of all ages, but especially babies and toddlers. This includes all the Fisher Price and Chicco and First Years toys as well as other stuff like tricycles, strollers, swings, etc. They even keep a small range of cots and cribs. What I don’t like about them is the staff. They’re not friendly or forthcoming or interested in the business you might provide them, which makes you not want to provide them any business. At the same time, they do have a lot of good stuff. So, I still go when I need to, but I don’t enjoy shopping there.

Little Angels: This is a simple little baby store in the Galleria market in DLF Phase IV (close to Ridgewood Estates). They’re not fancy or even very well kept, but you can always pick up basic baby things like diapers, wipes, baby undies, and small toys there. I like stores like Little Angels because they always seem to have the smallest of things and are generally much cheaper for the same things than other stores.

Bibs and Cribs: I think this store is part of a large chain. It’s in the MGF Mega City Mall on the top floor, next to the food court. It’s nice for large stuff like cribs and cots and strollers and swings because they have a good collection and also keep a lot of imported brands such as Maclaren or Graco, which are much better for these things. Also, they keep some really nice baby room d├ęcor stuff like lamps, wall paper borders, night lights, door knobs, and so on. All this stuff is imported and really quite expensive, but also quite nice. Definitely go to this place if you’re looking to do up your baby’s room…you’ll find something you like. Don’t go to this place if you just need everyday baby things…they keep a limited range and it’s unnecessarily expensive.

If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy any and all baby shopping…so check out these stores the next time you’re in the area and have fun!


Radhika said...

There is one good shop in Sadar Main market, Gurgaon as well by the name of Mothers collection. Pretty Decently priced. And you can pretty much find all things from clothes to toys, to baby utensils. But damn have time and patience to chk this one.

Anamica Sengupta said...

@ manika

Thank u so much for the info, this is very helpful. We just moved here and was wondering where to go!

Thanks again !


Pachyderm said...

I have stumbled upon a nice baby shop where you get all the usual stuf - toiletries, clothes etc, apart from a nice selection of toys. It is located in Paras Hospital (strange location, yes.) and is simply called the Paras baby shop. No. is 9999365698. I was particularly impressed as they seemed to have a wide range of avent bottles, and the man seemed fairly sure of getting stuff I may specifically want.

Harleen said...

I stumbled upon the small shop in Paras hospital, and was quite impressed with the range of basic stuff that the man had stoked up. I have not done a price comparison, but, the prices seemed quite affordable. One may not find fancy stuff here, but good for basic layette, sheets, receiving blankets, baby bedding, etc.

Arti Wadhwa said...

Dear friends can u pls lemme know whr in Gurgaon i can go buy good baby cots. I want litle bigger in size so that same can be used even later also when the child grows big.

Radhika said...

Hi, I bought for my kid from Kirti Nagar though, but I saw recently Mothercare collection. They have reduced their prices, and it makes more sense now to buy from them.
Check their Ambience Mall store.

Nidhi S. Kirti said...

Hi just wanted to inform you that I have opened a new kids and maternity store in Galleria Market in Gurgaon (first floor) by the name Mums N Munchkins. Right now I only have kids ethic wear and maternity clothing but soon will have more of summer stock coming in from various brands.

manish said...

Does any one have any idea for stroller for twin babies.

If so , please contact on 9891817603

manish said...

Does any one have any idea for Stroller for Twin babies in gurgaon..
If so. please let me know on 9891817603

Pachyderm said...

Manish, your best best (since strollers for twins HAVE to be safe and sturdy) will be Mothercare or Chicco in Select Citywalk Saket, or maybe even Ambimall. Dont economise on the stroller, a good one will serve you for years, and also be super useful in travelling. Dezine kids in DT Mega Mall can also give you your desired brand (mostly on order)

Asavari said...

Hi, I want to buy White Kurta Pyjama for my 2.6 yrs old son, as they have Independence day celebration in the play group.. Can any one suggest me a shop for this near DLF Ph 5?

Thanks in advance,

Living in Gurgaon said...

Hi Asavari,

Have you tried Tandon's at Galleria? They have lakhnawi stuff and last I knew they kept little kurta pyjamas too. Perhaps FabIndia might have something too.


beebayonline said...

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Nidhi S. Kirti said...

Just an update...the Baby Shop in Galleria market ( Mums N Munchkins) on First floor is now quite stocked for new born with Avent, Chicco, Dr. Brown Bottles, Prams, Strollers, receiving blankets, mother bags, and whatever you guys need for new borns.

Manmeet Singh said...

You can buy twin stroller from the store in Ambience mall which is very close to Mothercare. I just forgot the name of the store. It is just 2 shops away from mothercare

I to Me said...

Hi there,

We r moving from KL to Gurgaon. While searching for infos i stumbled upon ur blog and since then i ve been lookng at it for all my queries. I find ur blog very informative, well researched. I really appreciate the time and care u take in writing ur Posts. Thanks once again, Sunieta
P.S: Cud u suggest some good apartments for living? I have a small boy (20 months)
. So i am looking for something closer to a good play school ( and also not far away from the work place in Sec-45)

Prashant said...

Look for BPTP park life in sec 51..Excellent n posh.... and there is a good play school in sector 57 as well by the name of cherubangels

Sunita Saini said...

Hey, very nice post. thanks for sharing information, I just love shopping especially Malls in Gurgaon mothercare collection is superb!