Friday, February 15, 2008

Property Review: Vatika Iris

Name of property: The Iris Row
Name of builder: Vatika
Sizes available: Approx 1300 to approx 2400 sq feet (2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom duplex apartments)
Location: Sohna Road
Distance from IFFCO Chowk: approx 11 kms
Percentage occupancy: about 10-15%
Built in: 2007
Current price to buy: Approx 3600 per sq foot

Facilities available:
Full power backup, 24x7 maintenance, continuous gas supply through a pipeline, club house, gym, on campus grocery store, parks and play area for kids, a regular Vatika shuttle to key points in Gurgaon for residents only. Other facilities coming up include a creche for kids, a coffee shop, an amphitheater, and a shopping complex on campus. These are in progress right now, since the neighborhood is still under construction.


I just love the "look" of this place. It's clean, white with lovely grey stone work, open, sunny, and new. So, when you drive in, you just feel clean and nice despite the fact that Sohna road is still a pretty dusty place. It's not right on the road - the drive in to this place is about 200 yards or so, so I guess that helps. The other positive for me was that these are not multi-storeyed towers - they're ground + 3 floors, which gives a nice, open, space-y feeling. The lower ground + ground floors are the large duplex houses, the first and second floors have 3-bedrooms, and the 3rd floor has 2-bedroom apartments with large terraces.

The apartments are very nice and spacious. The one we have seen is a 3-bedroom, 1650 sq foot one. The layout makes it seem much larger than it really is - they've done smart things to take advantage of the light and used space well. One example of this is the balcony - instead of multiple small balconies (attached to each bedroom), they have one large balcony that runs across three rooms. This is great because you can actually use the space to sit and have your evening tea without it being a squeeze. Another plus was that they've provided space for a little dressing area attached to the master bedroom (though this is only in one of 4 layouts in these buildings). This means cupboards go in there, leaving the bedroom itself nice and uncluttered.

Other stuff like security and quality of maintenance seem good on the surface. All in all, I was happy with what I saw. 


Shenoy said...

Hi Am looking to buy in vatika city.

Now that you have lived there for 6 odd months whats your take

Manika said...


I still like it:-). However, I'm more aware of the downsides. Here's what's top of mind:

1. Electricity and maintenance is really expensive. The per unit cost of electricity is about 5.30 and on backup it's 7.30. This really adds up, and it's painful to pay as much as we do. Hopefully, this is temporary since Vatika is still on a temp connection instead of a permanent one. They're waiting for their license, which should be soon - or so they say.
2. Maintenance is good, though I find the maintenance staff need to be pushed a little to do their stuff.
3. Security isn't so good. Not that anything has happened, luckily, but I often find the guards lax in letting people in without really knowing who they are. This will change once more people move in and the noise gets louder. I am already seeing efforts to fix this on their part - it's just not consistently implemented.
4. No RWA yet. There have been some efforts to get one together, but hasn't really happened yet because of one reason or another. Once there is a cohesive body representing the residents, a lot more work will get done - for eg in reducing the electricity charges.
5. The distance still bothers me. I'm getting used to it, but I do like central Gurgaon more. This will take at least a year or more to get to a stage where the roads are great and you don't notice the distance anymore.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

Gaurav said...

Hey Manika

Actually I am moving in soon probably as I just rented out a flat there. Yes these charges are high, dont know when will they be able to get a permanent connection


Duke said...

Hi Manika,

I also own an apartment in IRIS Jasmine st. I am living abroad so not able to use the property till now.Maintenance charges are really high.

Can you please, post some more photos of the community.


Harnoor said...

Hi Manika,

Can you put up some new snaps of the IRIS row houses? We're evaluating it. Also, the buildings seem very close to each other without much green area. Is that a hinderance?

Manika said...

Hi Harnoor,
I don't really have any recent pictures of the place but will post them up if I manage to click them. The apartments are pretty close together but they're in horzontal rows and do have a lot of green space between two rows. That has in fact been one of the positives of the place for me. Have you taken a look at the place, or just pictures yet? I think you'll find the area is pretty open when you look at it in person.

Surajit Guha said...

You are welcome! Hope you find the magazine rental service useful, may more families from one area will motivate that boy as well.

From your pics the Vatika Iris seems to be nice place. Would it be possible to for you to tell us what's the rent for a 2bhk in Iris including the maintenance chagres. We currently stay in Uppal South End.

Manika said...

I don't quite know the current rent fr a two BHK though I would guess it would be between 13-15k a month. It's a really nice place and I would definitely recommend a visit since Uppal's is so close by anyway.

Vishal said...

Thanks Manika for the details. Do we still have Apartments available in IRIS Rows that are not yet sold out? Also I can see lot many other towers in Vatika City master Plan on their website. I am thinking of buying an Apartment there. Can you please let me know which other towers would be good and whoch ones not that good? Also what should be decent Pirce per Sqft given current market conditions?


Rajee Sood said...

Hi Manika,
Was wondering if you'd tell more about properties along Sohna... I need to look for a property to move in would you compare Vatika to say ... Park view 1 n 2 ... plus any update on other properties will be appreciated.
Thanks a ton

Shuu said...

Hey Manika, i read your blog and its like a complete "needtoknow".. thanks a lot.. we are now looking for a place in Vatika too.. though i have to admit, its frightfully expensive... nevertheless..Can you tell me what is the domestic help scene? do maids/cooks come in late evenings as well.. how do working women survive the maid crisis?

howz it going for u .. by the way congrats on the baby girl.. :)

Manan Singhi said...

Hi Manika - just a quick question. Is this place safe to stay in since it's located on the crossing of a deserted Golf Course Road and a village's crossroad. Have you heard of any mishaps in the complex thus far?

Manika said...

Hi Manan,
The place itself is very safe - they have decent security and I've never heard of anything at all inside except from an occasional stolen cell phone from a domestic staff member in someone's house. Of course, the golf course extension road itself is still unlit and not very busy at night, so I avoid that route after dark.
Hope this helps.

prerna said...

Hi Manika,

Frequent reader and fellow mom blogger here:-) Have used a lot of your inputs for preschools (Pallavan), libraries( Friends of Books) and now Vatika City. Quick question, though, about Vatika- How are you managing with the glass doors? Am really worried about the heat and lack of ventilation not to mention security.
Look forward to hearing from you!
Blessings and best wishes.

neetu said...

hello there!!!!

i was last on the site of vatika in the month of march 2010 till then i did not see any flats tht were ready to move in.....i m just wondering if there is any progress yet especially iris floors bcoz if there is i was kind of interested in ....but the only deterrent was tht there was v slow progress in construction...........

Ishani said...

Hi Manika,
Found your review to be extremely useful. Also found another good source of checking reviews on various properties:

Hope you find it useful.


Piyush Kakkar.............j said...

Dear all

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Kunal Mishra said...

'This is a tough world, pal, dog eat dog, every man for himself, and I, for one, am not going to be left behind!'

But in the end we have to believe others because we live in a society.

Jiten said...

Hi, i have heard that the maintainance charges have been increased in Vatika city to 3.4, is it true? This is too steep and i think i will pass on taking a place here

Parulv said...

Hi Manika,

Are you still living in vatika city? We are planning on getting a place in soverign and your feedback on soverign and the current status at vatika city will be much appreciated.