Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul at Barrique, Gurgaon

Tulleeho is a group that provides "beverage related services" to companies and individuals in some of the larger cities in India. For companies, such as liquor companies, they do end to end marketing that includes workshops, collateral development, training, and stuff like that. For consumers (those of us who will never say no to a well made drink:-)), they do cool stuff like cocktail making workshops, wine and malt appreciation sessions, and wine trails. I attended their Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul at Barrique in Building 9A, Cybercity. The restaurant is alright - decent snacks and forgettable ambience. But the cocktail making session itself was a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. They basically set you up in groups at tables stocked with the alcohol and mixers and chasers and bar tools (and all things nice!) so you feel like quite the fancy bartender. The session is led by an experienced and fun bartender who takes you through some basics and then gets you to prepare (and drink) a variety of cocktails. In the three hours that we were there, we managed to get through about 5 different cocktails - needless to say I don't remember what the last one was like.

The math works out very well too: we paid Rs 600 per head as a group of 4 (it's Rs 800 a head if you're less than 4) and this included all the cocktails, the lessons, a complimentary drink, and non-stop veg and non veg snacks. Add to this some great company, and you have yourselves a pretty good afternoon. I'd definitely recommend you make a note of the schedule and try to get in on the next one.


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