Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Epicentre - Gurgaon's own little bit of culture!

Gurgaon finally has its own cultural hot spot. We can now cultivate and grow our own culturatti and do not have to turn to Delhi for an intellectually refreshing evening laced with tasteful music, theatre, and art. The Epicentre at Gurgaon’s Apparel House (almost opposite the Gold Souk) is slowly but surely becoming a place where one can comfortably enjoy an evening listening to Indian classical music, catch a play or even spend an afternoon at the amphitheatre listening to jazz and sinking your teeth into a brunch spread.

Epicentre has a wide range of activities one can get involved in. They have an auditorium, Drift – a world cuisine restaurant, an art gallery, a lovely amphitheatre and conference rooms. They have monthly schedules which one can access on the internet and even have tickets delivered to one’s home. The Epicentre is a tastefully designed building with simple yet elegant brickwork. The amphitheatre does not have seats but when required is equipped with the most comfortable soft bamboo/cane cushions.

The Epicentre is a definite go-to for those who want to step away from the routine of dinner and a movie and do something more grey cell tingling! A complete thumbs up!

Thanks, Divya, for writing this review:-)

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Vaibhav said...

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