Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daycare in Gurgaon

We've had reason to look at two specific daycares near DLF Phase IV / Galleria in Gurgaon, since I needed a place for my 1 year old. The first one we visited was Happy Faces, which is a day care and play school set up in a residential area in Phase IV by a retired couple who view this business as something that keeps them busy at their age. It's pretty well setup and has all the essentials - an array of maids to look after the kids, tonnes of toys to keep them busy, a small outdoor play area, a pantry to manage their food, and so on. Plus, the lady who runs it is a clinical psychologist and has a lot of experience working with children. Another advantage is that they accept very young kids - as young as 5-6 months. On the surface, I think it looks pretty good. Yet, I didn't react very well to it instinctively because of three reasons:

1. Though it's called "Happy Faces," none of the kids' faces when we visited were really happy. Call me crazy, but I'm a mom and have instinctive responses to things and situations:-)
2. I didn't think the day care was taking enough responsibility for the kids. They watch your child alright, but you have to provide their food and water and and while that may be good, it also makes it sound like if the kid catches and infection or is unwell for some reason, you'll just be told that they have no responsibility because he or she is only fed what you sent them.
3. I didn't like the attitude that this thing is just a side business for the owners and they don't want too many kids since that will be a "pain" and "too much trouble." Again, I'm a mom and don't want to hear the people who will be watching my kid refer to it as a pain.

The monthly fee at this place is about Rs. 4500 for an 8-hour day + one time registration of Rs. 4000.

The second place we looked at is Little Footprints behind Galleria. I liked this one a lot more for the following reasons:
1. The people seemed very positive and friendly. In fact, they were very open to letting us try them out by sending our son to them for a couple of days before committing to them.
2. They cook breakfast and lunch for the kids and take complete responsibility for feeding them. Also, they take responsibility for potty training the kids as well, which I think is a huge plus - not just because of the outcome (a potty trained kid) but also because they would make the effort of taking 20 odd kids to the loo one by one every hour.

The monthly fee here is about Rs. 4000 + a one time registration amount of Rs. 500.

I didn't end up sending my son to any day care since I quit my job and am now a full time mom, but I'd definitely go for attitude over qualifications if I had to make the choice.


ToysRGood said...

Hi! I am traveling to Gurgaon for two weeks for work, and am bringing my 2 1/2 year old son. We have two full days at the end of the trip, and I was wondering if you had advice for things to do/see with him?
Thanks, Elisabeth (and Henry)!

Shilpi said...

I agree to your observations about Happy Faces. The owner really is not bothered about the kids and is only running it as a means of making some money.
Unnecessarily expensive as the fees is now 6000 p.m. with 9000 as admission fees (negotiable) plus 2000 of statinaory charges annual.
No food, No water, ACs do not work properly. They are shut most of the times during the day to cut on electricity bills and maids are kept busy in cleaning the place rather than looking after the kids.

Not worth sending you child there!!!
The lady is unwilling to listen or take any feedback from parents. She only intends to have kids from parents working with MNCs drawing huge salaries. She herself told me when I went to visit the place.

Jolly Verma said...

As a mother of a 4years child I can imagine the pain and the problems which a mother undergoes in upbringing of a child in today's world.

We are coming up with a Childcare/Daycare behind Sushant Estate, Sushant Lok, GGN. It would not be a very big infrastructure but importance would be laid on the child's happiness, to keep the child busy through activities and learning and clean n hygienic environment whereas to be so loyal n trustworthy that the child's mother can be relaxed n can peacefully concentrate on work.
Contact 9818252654

Sandy2010 said...

My child goes to Kinder Valley School and also their Day Care. I am completely satisfied with the way my child is developing there. A lot of care, hugs and kisses for him everyday. The teachers are awesome and the Principal Mrs. Narain considers every child as her own. You must see it once. see their website and you will see the difference.

Shiv said...

HI Sandy,

Can you give phone number / location or address of KInder Valley School.

Can I have your number to know more or call me on 9958 666 021.


Shilpa said...

Recently I came across a new day and NIGHT care and playschool called Cherubangels.its in Sushant lok3 sector 57Gurgaon..Its apparently a new setup but the lady who handles it is a well educated professional and is very warm with the kids.She looks after the overall development and the kids learn table/toilet Etiquette etc.The best part is that if you want to party or go watch a movie with your partner, you can leave your kid there.
Moreover if you work in night shifts, it suits you well..Excellent Homely environment, split ACs in the rooms if the kids want to sleep.Separate beds, good infrastructure(toys,slides)..
I would Highly recommend this for daycare or playschool.
You can call them at 8860681927

Prashant said...

Yes Shilpa, I agree with you!!