Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese, anyone?

Whether it's to satisfy a craving that just won't go away or to celebrate a special day, Chinese food is always a great choice, isn't it? For those of you who love your Chinese, here are some good options in Gurgaon:

1. Hao Shi Nian Nian: located a little past the DLF Golf Course and the Genpact office in DLF Phase V, in a building called Central Plaza, this restaurant is fairly new but already quite a popular place for foodies. The food is great, the staff is awesome, and the ambience is the best part of an evening here. If it's a family night out, you can sit in the regular dining area watching the chefs toss up your meal through the glass wall into the kitchen. Or you can go up to the bar and dance floor, where they also have private dining rooms for slightly larger groups of people. This place also has some live performances sometimes - the last time I went there, I watched a really cool tea ceremony demonstration. This restaurant is definitely on the expensive side - a meal for a couple with drinks and dessert will set you back about Rs. 3000 or so. On a special occasion though, this is definitely the place of choice. My only hitch - it's way too sohisticated to take my one year old's hard to focus on the meal when you're trying to save a little monster from smashing all the nice china :-)

2. The Monk: Located past 32nd Milestone off NH-8 in the Galaxy Hotel, this is another really nice place for a Chinese lunch or dinner. It's set up nicely in an open area on the mezzanine floor of the hotel so you can watch the general goings on in the shopping gallery as you eat. The food is very well prepared, and the menu is quite exotic - not your regular veg hakka noodles and manchurian meal! The nice thing is that they offer single serve noodle bowls, so everyone in the group can order their own thing without worrying about having to cater to everyone's tastes.

A meal for two here with drinks and dessert will cost you around Rs. 2000, but for the experience and the food, I'd say it's worth it.

3. Golden Dragon: This one is in DT Megal Mall on the ground floor. The food is decent and the ambience pretty typical for a Chinese restaurant. The plus point here, especially on a spring and early summer evening is that they have outdoor seating, which is always at a premium in a place like Gurgaon. Service is average...not a place for a special occasion really, but acceptable if you're craving Chinese food and need somewhere inexpensive to visit. A meal for two at Golden Dragon will cost about Rs. 12 - 1500.

4. Bikanerwala: I know how that sounds, but this is exactly the place to head towards if it's "Indian Chinese" or "Chow-bhaji" that you're in the mood for! Bikanerwala is a Haldiram equivalent with a range of North Indian, South Indian, Continental, and regular street food. It's near Signature Towers off NH-8 and is the cheapest, yummiest, family restaurant for an impromptu dinner out.

Some other Chinese restaurants that I don't have an opinion on yet are East 101 near Sikanderpur, and Mainland China in DLF Cybercity. If I visit these places and am impressed, I'll be sure to write about it. Meanwhile, if this has led you to crave a Chinese dinner, happy eating!


Dolon said...

We have ordered home from Mainland China .. and they are not really sharp in that department .. badly messed up on the order and delivery ..

Tasty food .. definitely was a relief post Yo China disaster. STEEEEEP for the fare .. prefer China Club for prices like that. Not been to the actual hotel ..

Was not impressed with their GK outlet at all .. especially since that Imperial Garden was next door churning out such yummy food [albeit I have to say laden with MSG]

searching impossible said...

No mention of Bercos????

Manika said...

Hi searching impossible,
I only went to bercos once and walked out before ordering because i didn't like the ambience. never gave the food a you recommend it?

searching impossible said...

heh...i agree with you on the ambience thing. the service is also not very impressive. but food is good. not better than bercos, cp. but worth trying.
i went their just coz i love their cp outlet.